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HOEA application part 2 electric boogalooo

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RP Name:Simon Zakaev

Steam Name:Kanser

Steam ID:0:76561197971840405

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): 1w 3d 20h 42m

Warns:8(3rdm 1 nlr 1 fearrp 1 metagame 1 ARDM raiding as MCnD[even though we got permission from the salesman])



What is the Department of External Affairs?:


The Department of External Affairs is an Internal Department that is within the foundation.The department is responsible of Wide specturm of operations these are; planting disinformation eliminating traces of scps that were located or breached on the surface to keep the foundation a secret this includes the removing traces of the MTF operations or the foundations activity,D-Class personnel enlistment generally from prisons,recruiting new personnel from both military and civil institutions, or detecting SCP activiteis and reporting them to the foundation such as SCP-073 Cain found in New York Usa or SCP-049 The Plague Doctor found in Southern France after Multiple Dissapearences of Civillians.The Department of External Affairs are the front line of the relationships of the GOIs that around the world the Department will use their Agents to send messages to these GOIs.The DoEA is the fornt line of the filtering or hiding the activities of the foundation and they are also the front line for the foundation to filter all potential personnel and is responsible for maintaining high standarts among recruited personnel-this can be also called HR

The department consists of 4 main branches those are:


- Administrative and Operations Bureao

- Desinformation Bureao

- Inteligence Bureao

- Recruitment Bureao

Who is the Head of External Affairs?:

The HoEA is an CL4 that has been chosen to rule over the DoEA an he has been deployed in major foundation facilities in order to manage the local branch of the DoEA.The HoEA is responsible for giving task to the Field Agents and to their Department of External Affairs agents like giving the task collecting anomalies for the Field Agents and the DEAA to negotiate with other GOIs in the Ovis City or gather intelligence from them such as Uniforms where they are located and he can recruit those GOIs as Sigma-66 and he can kill them easily or explode them damaging the cerbilium major blood vessels and causing death after a few seconds due to loss of blood and severe trauma to the brain

The HoEA can plan raids or give orders to MTF groups he can also recriut new MTF personnel and he needs to deal with captured POIs or GOI members

The HoEA needs to protect the foundation from outside threats from any thread that coming from the surface. The general job of the HoEA is to ensure that the site can function without any hostiles or the media standing in front of the doors of the foundation

What is a GOI?:

GOIs or Groups of Interest are groups or organizations that take certain anomalous objects and worship them or use it for their benefits.The Foundation also an GOI because they seek and research on anomalies.Some GOIs can be useful but some GOIs can cause harm to the humanity those GOIs known by the foundation are:

1)Global Occult Coalition(GOC):Their aim is to seek and destroy anomalies or kill anomalous entities that are around the Globe)

2)Chaos Insurgency(CI):The Chaos Insurgency is a MTF group that went A.W.O.L from the foundation the GOI was founded in 1940 as Insurgency then in 1945 a series of huge raids made them known as the Chaos Insurgency their one goal is to use the SCPs for their benefits and cause resulting in many casulties within the foundation they seem to use the anomalies to create an utopia where humanity will rule over the SCPs but they are just an terrorist group and they want to use the SCPs for their own gains and destrucition) 


3)MCnD or TCS:A kinda club/Mafia group that utilise the anomalous subjects to sell them at huge prices the also have access to multiple cities such as new york hong kong and england as their capital they have a huge underground system and they are one of the top sellers at the black market.The MCnD can sell military arms drugs and even anomalous objects with their leader being an anomoulous humanoid

4)The Church of The Broken God: TCTBG is an GOI that believes the humanity can only advance with machienary and they believe there is a god called Mekhane. The churh can also utilise many SCPs to create their god these are SCP-217 The clockwork virus SCP-1139 and SCP-882 and tehir leaders name is Robert Bumaro in the past they have achieved to create their god in the foundation database this event known as SCP-001 Apotheasis event and the results was mekhane had eaten                              Half of Baja  Californiamexico.png 

 Leader Rober Bumaro   Date Unkown the current leader of the church of the broken god bumaro.jpg

5)The Sarkics: They are the opposite of The Church of the broken god their main goal is to reverse the advancments that made by humanity and turn into flesh monster adapting to our enviroment they believe a god called Yaldaboath and their prefered SCP is The flesh that hates or know to the foundation as SCP-610

6)The SCP foundation:The Foundation is an orginazation that their main goal is to secure contain and research on anomalies and their motto is Secure Contain Protect 

their main goal is to protect the humanity from these anomalies and researchin on them to find out how they have gained their abilities

Who does the HoEA anwser to?:

He anwsers to the O5 Council but the SD has a higher rank than him so if there is no O5 Council Member he anwsers to the SD

What are the duties of a HoEA?:

The duties of the HoEA is to command his FAs to collect anomalies and bring them to the foundation and he gives orders to  DoEAA to clear any traces of the foundation and hide the current facility at Ovis City and although commanding his job he can also negotiate with other GOIs and especially gathering information on them, if there is no anomalies to capture he uses his FAs to locate their operations base or gather information on their uniforms and then he reports back to the SD so he can tell the information to the MTF also he can plan raids but the raids have to be really necesarry like if there is an huge raid made to the foundation the raid that the HoEA plans is an retaliation as a result

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12?

MTF Sigma-66 is a Mobile Task force that has been created by the captured agents of GOIs adn the fact that they are disloyal to the foundation the foundaiton exdpects that they find the members expertise the value

MTF Omega-12 is a Mobile task force that has been composed of reality bending personnel from an alternate universe.Omega-12 is tasked with capturing SCP-3480-2 instances, guarding the many entities imprisoned in Area-013, and hunting down powerful uncontained reality benders everywhere

Now in game you can convert 3 Sigma-66 MTF units using your SWEP and as HoEA you can convert two anomalies into Omega-12 the Sigma-66 has a explosive chip inserted in the skull if detonated it will cause the Sigma-66 or Omega-12 unit to have instant brain death the HoEA can use these units as bodyguards or assign them to tasks like protect the foundation or deal with GOIs ıf the HoEA dies the Sigma-66 and Omega-12 units die as well with HoEA. The HoEA posses a detonater that trigger the explosive that had been inserted in the skulls of the both units.The HoEA Swep is a needle with the explosive chip inserted inside of the GOI or the anomalies skull you can convert 3 CI members into Sigma-66 and 2 anomalies into Omega-12

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The foundation is a GOI that their main goal is the secure contain anomalies and protect them from the humanity The foundations main goal is to research on these anomalies that they have captured and research on them that how they have gained these certain anomolous abilities that they are capable of using The foundation has a huge resource reserve from military logistiks to personnel they also have Mobile Task forcers or otherwise MTF these MTf cna be special on a specific branch such as sea or air some of the mar tasked with to recontain these anomalies if they breach and lastly The foundations Rulers a Council Called O5  and they gennerally make decisions of which course the foundation will take


Anything Else You want to Say: Jesus Christ Trying to find this in my word document was hard and finally I hope I can get accepted I played my DOEAA and everything is done

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55 minutes ago, Nathan Kennedy said:

Man -1 applies 3 times and literally doesn't pay attention to the denied reason like he said be more active and i haven't seen you on once not once at all.

I would be shocked if you don't get blacklisted tbh.

like come on man it aint that hard

I was litreally on for full this day how can you not see me

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3 hours ago, ✪Kanser CS.MONEY said:


Be patient. Your thread isn't going anywhere.

I was gonna make +1 but now its a neutral. Due to the amount of "bumps" you've posted.

Like other's suggested we do need more HoEA's on. So why not give ya a shot.

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8 hours ago, [MTF- E11] Not Kingel said:

-1 inpatient

If your app isn't responded to after a week I believe he can dm the manager or whoever decides if it is accepted or denied

And bumps are allowed and not necessarily impatience

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(Tentatively) Accepted. See Details. 

I have been approached by countless people who are desperate to see you BLd and have provided evidence of your stupidity and mingery in the past. On the conditional fact that this was in the past and you have persisted in trying to get the role for so long, I will give you one singular shot. For the love of god, please read the announcements channel to learn the basics when you get the HoEA role in discord and DM me if you have any questions. Thanks. 

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