Unban Request 5 days? - abuse of power

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Last night went through 3 hours training with Mat in which I feel I performed well, especially the faces. After getting out as a clone trooper I was with my friend Komet and mis-clicked and shot him once, not that he was bothered but fair enough a mis click is a mis click so I did my 15 minutes jail time. However the problem started after my time was up, I was put back to a Cadette and told I would have to complete training again. My ban came about because I simply argued my view against the admin online - Jedi Master Luminara Unduli ( who was the only admin online at the time it is worth noting) who took this opportunity to abuse his power, being the only admin online, and ban me for 5 days. It raises the question who should and who should not be in such power on the server, I hope justice is served and my ban is lifted,

Thank you. 

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-1 pretty sure you did DTS as well your friend said that night that he allowed you to shoot him and after he changed the story to a miss click hmmm yes thats why you got arrested AR | CT 2505 Whitehill | Golden Rule | 15 mins + Demotion to Cadet STEAM_0:1:513859976 you werent taking it serious and just messing about Solaire did not abuse his power he just did hes job and then you got banned for i dont even remember i think NH2RP + DTS i really dont remember too much

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First off you broke Golden rule then openly disrespected me twice and said it was a "missclick" and that it was a corrupt system. You didn't really argue other than disrespect and argue that you didn't shoot someone when logs say otherwise


If I had a £1 for everytime someone said Missclick after they shot someone I would be making bank.

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