Server blink system update

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I had this genius idea like those when you figure out how something simple works on the computer, yeah one of those. so here is my idea                                                 (Read the whole thing before hating on my idea btw)

When i used to play on Omniductions SCP RP, they had this smart blink system from SCP CB where you blink every 10 or 8 seconds automatically even if not SCP 173 Is breached so it adds these things and it is this blinkometer that shows in bottom of screen when you blink.

Realistic RP +5 

Interesting and more SCP CBie RP

Some bad things: People might get frustrated over constant blinking.

Sooo how this can affect SCP 173, now SCP 173 Just has a cooldown and just to add to the idea, scp 173 could be able to move freely when not looked at so he doesnt have to wait for some cooldown when not being watched. So it would be alot more fun for CS and for 173 that movement is not so limited.


SCP 173 Can move freely while not being looked at

You have a blink meter which shows when you automatically blink

Remove SCP 173 Cooldown for moving as it eases the movement for 173


(Read the whole thing before hating on my idea btw)

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- I don't see why this is needed, it's just annoying, next thing you know, I need food and water every 15 minutes and to go the bathrooms

- Have you ever noticed when you blink? No?  that's because it's less than a second, the blinking they always use, is like the guy is blinking in slow-mo.

(I know you want to give a genuine Idea, but this won't just work, it'll just become too annoying.)



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Also, this server allready has pretty bad performance, with this the SCP-173 Swep needs to basiclly constantly keep checking who is looking at him, which even with stuff like PVS ( see Valve Dev wiki if you wana know about what that is), could still be performance heavy.

Also this is a super strong nerf towards 173, blinks are not long ( even if they are allready unrealisticly long ), you can easily lock him in with just a few people, the likelyhood of more then a few people blinking at the same time, is incredibly low.

And adding onto that, there is the issue of glass, dealing with transparent surfaces is not too easy ( unless they fixed some stuff regarding traces ).

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