Alex Hamilton's HoEA Application

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RP Name: Alex Hamilton

Steam Name: Syrex

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:109057062

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): 5 days and Level 50. Apologies for the low playtime, I am seeking to expand my roleplaying horizons as quick as possible.

Warns: None.



What is the Department of External Affairs?: The Department of External Affairs is, of course, a department within the foundation that handles the External Affairs of the foundation. Populated with Agents and the Head of External Affairs who leads the department, they are in charge of making sure that the foundation remains a secret within the general population and dealing with GOIs. They also plant disinformation in case of raids or breaches and filter new employees for the foundation. Filled with many skilful Agents, DoEA also plans raids on hostile GOIs or those harbouring an anomaly that is a potential threat to the general population of Ovis City. They commonly deal with the captured POI (People of Interest) and GOI in order to make sure the foundation runs smoothly 24/7.

The DoEA is merged with the Intelligence Agency which results in the four main branches : Administrative and Operations Bureau, Disinformation Bureau, Intelligence Bureau and Recruitment Bureau which all play a vital part in the smooth running of the site.

Who is the Head of External Affairs?: The Head of External Affairs is the Head of the Department, tasked with protecting the site from any loose ends that appear on the surface, GOI or not so the foundation can run smoothly without threat of raids. Equipped with the Nanite Explosive Inserter, they have the ability to convert captured POIs into MTF Unit : Sigma-66 and humanoid anomalies into MTF Unit : Omega-12. Both MTF Units have explosives in the back of their necks, resulting in any disloyalty to end up with termination of the members of the Units, sometimes individually and sometimes the whole unit is terminated if they are compromised. 

What is a GOI?: GOIs are Groups of Interest which commonly have conflicting interests with the foundation and a hand in the anomalous. Many other groups seek to collect or exploit anomalies for their own gain. The majority of groups are not friendly with the foundation which results in the dozens of MTF Units they have assembled over the years. A few notable groups include : Marshall, Carter & Dark, This group is interested in making as much money as possible through any means, anomalous or not. Any attempts to gather information on its leaders are commonly shutdown due to the lack of information they gather after long stretches of time.

The Church of the Broken God, This group is interested in rebuilding their god, Mekhane or WAN depending on which sect you encounter, by collecting the parts of their god. The parts are assumed to be anomalous in nature and rebuilding of Mekhane could result in a technological apotheosis which could end the world. It is lead by Robert Bumaro, who gained the title of "Builder of the Broken God" back in 1942.

Chaos Insurgency, This group is hell bent on screwing over the foundation by raiding several sites and stealing SCP objects to use against their enemies. Created by a unit that went rogue in 1924. It has since became a large GOI and holds much power. Often 'liberating' D-Class during their many raids against the foundation. They use them as low ranked members for cannonfodder. Nobody knows its current leaders and its main HQ

Who does the HoEA anwser to?: The Head of External Affairs reports to the O5 Council but also answers to the Site Director, due to him holding authority over the HoEA.

What are the duties of a HoEA?: The Duties of HoEA include everything the department should be doing, such as planting disinformation to dissuade people from following the foundations scent, Dealing with captured GOIs and POIs that are brought in by MTF Units. Gathering intel on GOIs and filtering employees. Although the HoEA also has to manage his department appropriately and with skill to ensure that all the resources are used, further increasing the effective capacity of the Department.

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12? MTF Sigma-66 "Sixteen Tons" is a MTF Unit comprised of captured members of GOIs, often having valuable skill sets but a lack of loyalty, they are equipped with a Nanite Explosive in the base of their neck which is able to be detonated by the HoEA at any time if they try anything funny. MTF Omega-12 "Achilles Heel" is also another MTF Unit which has members recruited by the HoEA. Populated with reality bending anomalies from every origin, they are commonly used to hunt down other uncontained reality benders which makes this unit particularly unique.

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: The SCP Foundation was established on [REDACTED] in order to combat the rising risk of world ending anomalies which have also been dubbed SCPs. Backed by dozens of governments around the world. The main goal of the Foundation is to secure, contain and protect these anomalies from the outside world. They are in possession of hundreds of anomalous entities which are often researched and documented on their secure database. They have near unlimited resources and a large military like force which is used for various purposes. They use D(isposable)-Class as subjects to see the effects of SCPs on the human body. They exist in a moral grey area, where they experiment on humans, which is quite cruel, for the good of humanity. D-Class are taken from death row and similar origins and are normally 'rotated' every month with very few ever leaving the facility once they enter.

It is recommended to steer clear of the foundation unless you want a steel fist falling on you. They are very swift and are lead by very skilled individuals who are deadly if provoked. This GOI is very powerful and has near unlimited reach all over the world, with sites all over the globe. Do not engage unless necessary.

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Denied - See details.

I'm gonna deny this one quickly to give you some details and advice now. Don't worry about the fact that your playtime is still a bit too low right now. HoEA has a free "underling" job in Department of External Affairs Agent, so play this for a while to get to grips with the job and its workings. Your app is decent, but I'd like to see you try your hand at administration jobs and have my HoEAs talk about you a bit. You will almost certainly be accepted if you do this. Please reapply after two weeks, as this should be enough time to make a small name for yourself on the Agent job. Thank you.

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