Give SCP-682 access to the larger area outside of its chamber

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Ever since the map update, SCP-682 has been limited to its tiny small chamber, with VERY limited access and opportunities for testing. SCP-682 is a large creature that should have more room for testing. It is very cramped in that tiny chamber and no tests can possibly be made when it is residing in there. Plus the fact that it’ll be very unlikely that it won’t try to attack anyone whom opens its chamber doors to put a Class D in there. Plus, there is always the chance that scientists or guards like to troll by turning on the acid bath whenever a Class D is in the chamber for testing. There's just literally nothing to do in that tiny cramped chamber that SCP-682's large body wanders around in.


So to remedy this issue, I propose that we expand 682’s limit when it is not in breach mode. In doing so, we give it access to that larger area outside of its chamber that was originally used as it's chamber before the map update. That very area is left completely unused and is meaningless without 682 being tested in there. It even has rooms with windows that indicate it is to be used for scientists to observe the testing of SCP’s, large ones in particular, such as 682. Plus it gives the guards the opportunity to monitor 682 from the balconies above to shoot at should it try to retaliate at any point. It'll also give out more testing opportunities, such as dangling a cuffed Class D down from the balcony if anyone wants to roleplay a bit of humor.


After the scientists are done testing with the SCP, it’ll be the guards duty to get the large reptile back into its chamber where it will rest in its acid bath, sort of reminiscent to Divinity Studio’s unity game; Six Eight Two.


Sorry if this is brief, but I felt like getting it out there to the community as this is something that's bugged me for a long time ever since the map update. Playing as 682 hasn't been very fun like it used to on the old map.

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Tbh it is way better how it is now, when 682 used to be in the bottom of the pit the only thing that separated that huge mosntrocity from the outside was a tiny little door, unlike now where it has 2 blast doors not to mention the acid pool which makes it more realistic, also there is absolutely NO WAY that a Guard would be able to force 682 into the place that currently is it's CC because even the most intelligent Guard can't do shit if 682 doesnt obby (which we won't).

Also I think hanging Class Ds from the balcony is not allowed (I can be wrong about this tho)


"Hey you are finally awake, good suggestions? Suggestions that make sense? Acutal RP? You must have really hit your head hard, here take this -1, it will make you feel better"


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