Kian Raanvik

O5 WL / Reserve

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Your in-Game Name:

Kian Raanvik

Your SteamID: 


Your Age:

15, nearly 16 01.02.2005, nearly 16.

Your In-Game Playtime:


Your Warns:

20 Warnings, not proud of em.

Rate Your RP Skills:


What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?:

O5-7 (The Norwegian)

How do you initiate a lockdown/unlockdown?:

You do /lockdown and /unlockdown, i'm sure you know what the difference is.

How do you Initiate a nuke?:

Ok so, I used to be O5 and when we did stuff (before the whole redo of O5 etc) we would log it in discord, ask either Staff/Hierarchy to detonate the WH.

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?:

Yes, although my warnings may and most definitely say otherwise. I was a minge before, I have changed in many ways and always RP. Have it be PassiveRP or a little banter.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I believe I should be part of the O5 Council once again, before it felt unfinished made things quite boring. But now there are a few more things that I couldn't remember back then, I believe my role-play skills could be questioned in one way or another however they are quite average. Now when it comes to making tough decisions, or being in extreme situations. I dealt with numerous GOIs, most notably a Japanese group (GOI, forgot name) wanted to temporarily group up with MTF to help eliminate a big problem we had which was CI & another GOI. Never had to activate the Warheads due to nothing severe happening, however I kept my composure during these situations which might've been hard for any other to deal with. I was active as O5 as back then, things were kinda unorganized there was a system for special abilities O5s would get but never were added. I have been O5 before, so I think I could bring a lot to the role in terms of at least activity/roleplay. I know what it means to be O5, I know the power it holds and how to control it. I understand the concepts of the current GOI's and what they do, I know how to control them, keep them away or be neutral. I never tended to be hostile towards any GOI however if needs be then I wouldn't hesitate to make a tough decision if they stepped out of line (e.g ranging from Breaching Foundation, comms, kidnapping of any Foundation Members, breach of SCPs (SCP 1048, SCP 999 and most likely more to come) I have come to respect SDs, HOEA, ECM due to all the shit that they had to go. I did play SD a lot before I ever got O5, and let me tell you O5 was a very demanding Job but I made it work.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?:

When I was O5 I always worked in the Shadows, working to keep the Foundation as Intended Secret. As O5 I had to remove an unbelievable amount of Site Directors / Site Advisors because of their incompetency. It was insane, O5 never did the jobs of the SD, they had to do stuff inside the Foundation and make sure the rules get followed (Like Site Directors / HOEA etc dealt mainly with the SCPs, D-Class, Security, MTF) And O5 made sure everything was done by the books or at least as close as it could get. Making sure the Foundation would be safe from anyone that may cause harm to the Foundation or is too reckless to be alive. However the O5 doesn't deal in complete secrecy, sometimes he might have to step in due to the absence of a Site Director, and if something he sees as wrong, or something that could be done better. They might even give some advice to the Site Director, HOEA, ECM or possibly even MTF. Help them, guide them. Whenever I went on the O5 job, SD and any other job matching SD (Ranking system was scuffed) Would always clash, I had to intervene and make the right decision for the Foundation. Now, when it comes to harm to the foundation. When the secrecy of the Foundation is at stake, the O5 is EXPECTED to intervene. They might have decided not to intervene due to some circumstances but there are always things that happen that might take you off guard. It's O5's job not to make any mistakes the other Foundation Administration might do, make them better.

What is the O5 Council?: 

The O5 Council which consists of 12 unique in their own way people. Control the Foundation, not to handle what others can (Like SD) but handle what happens with the future of the Foundation. They make sure of its secrecy, every O5 is tasked with one major thing. Make sure the Foundation doesn't fall apart from within. Each O5 deals with it's own defined Department. They make sure rules are followed by FA, who in turn make sure others below FA follow the rules.

Explain what makes you special:

Well, I think the fact I've played been O5 before. I want to try out O5 again, as I feel I could've done more before I was removed for the exact reasons. However I have explained a little above in both major categories why. O5 holds a lot of power, I can easily control it. I dont out right rule someone out because It's "o5 oRdeRs", I listen to every side and make a decision. I'm fair but at the same time strict.

What Department would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...): Ethics, I think I could be a valuable asset as Ethics. I wanted to make a ECM application but instead went for O5, I decided on DPT Ethics because we didn't exactly have Departments back in the day and it would be something new. (At least for me)


Notes: I can understand why some might doubt me due to my warnings, I try to make the best out of everything but I can't change the past but I can change the future. Which I have shown.

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All the Council Members have never heard of you, lots and lots of warns (I know you have been trying to change and that they are old, but still). Questionable.


Re-Apply in a week (Also, could you DM me if you were Perma Banned before, and why you were removed from O5 in the past? Johnwickisblak#2445)




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