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Give Nu-7 a riotshield

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Aight so, we have the MTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down", in the server they mostly deal with raids from the outside and sometimes help in recontaining SCPs, however none of them gets a riotshield? Like bruh, E-11 Specialist gets a riotshield but Nu-7 doesnt? Even tho it would probably be put to much better use since Nu-7 tend to be engaged in gun fights fairly often.

Take Nu-7 Support, remove the breaching charges since they are fairly useless since Nu-7 most of the time stays in the defense and they have acess to lockpicks so it won't make much difference and give the Support class a riotshield so they will be smth more than a guy with a LMG

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Nu-7 should get overall equipment buff imo. Atleast give them player scanners. Nu-7 does most of the things in the site and usually are the most usefull but all they have is guns. And with limit of 5 pieces of equipment you cant have 5 guns. Medical unit is completly useless all it has are the same weapons as B7 and about 10 handguns.

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uhm you cant enter the bunker thing under the apartments with a lockpick, you need charges, i believe a battering ram works as well and well it was removed for "balancing" alongside the ammo kit the support could drop, rip support

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1 minute ago, Jason Ray said:

Bruh it has a medkit, it has the VSS and MP5 last time i checked, you dont need 5 guns, 2 is plenty if you choose the right ones

Exactly. MP5 and the VSS are really not good compared to the other Nu7 weapons.

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Just now, Shinguru said:

Exactly. MP5 and the VSS are really not good compared to the other Nu7 weapons.

The VSS, while nerfed, is still very very good, it fires fast as fuck boy and does good damage, yes lets give the guy that can heal himself an ACR, AR-15, G36C or whatever, it has SMGs for a reason, its called balancing, i usually disagree with the balancing choices but there have been good choices

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Also neutral, riotshields should be more present imo but they dont make sense, a riotshield doesnt stop a bullet, a ballisticshield will, balance it by it stopping all rounds but youre not able to run, just walk

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1 hour ago, Shinguru said:

Medical unit is completly useless all it has are the same weapons as B7 and about 10 handguns.

Uhh what? Medical Units are focused in healling the others not frontline, they are more of a support role, having SMGs in medical unit is fine for me, also VSS is pretty good in my opinion

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Nu-7 is already well balanced, being able to complete any goal with good organization and skill.

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While I agree that Nu-7 should probably have access to this equipment rather than E-11. 

However,  my experience with the shield tells me it's too OP. You can survive anything except flames, explosion and melee. As long as you run backwards,  the entirety of COTBG (With the exception of the Construct) cant kill you. SWAT already have these bullet sponges,  and rarely use em.

I think if this was given to Nu-7, they would be unbalanced.  With the sheer amount of forces Foundation *can (*Not always do we even have a filled MTF job) have, there would be a need for anyone else receiving this gear.

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