ban ban ban ban ban ban

banned cuz i had no sound and restarted the game?

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My In-Game name:CFile


Steam Name:CFile

What is the reason for your ban:ltap, had no sound restarted the game

How long were you banned for:2days

Name of the staff member who banned you:no ideia

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:2 guys were talking asked them if they were talked they said yes

i restarted the game


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You still broke the rules

The rule you broke was Leave to avoid punisbment which means you left during an arrest, ot while being aosed/ cuffed

No matter what you broke it and you should have talked to a staff member before leaving, it's just a 2 days ban so wait it out and maybe read the rules while you are at it.

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You seem to have forgotten your SteamID. Without this, we cannot see who banned you and we cant even identify you so its a pretty big thing to miss out.

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LTAP and LTARP fall the under the same thing. Due to LTAPbis leaving to avoid a warn like bruh jst take that warn


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