My Maxwellist Acolyte Whitelist Request

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In the beginning 2 deities were born, Yaldabaoth - the goddess of flesh and primal instincts and Mekhane - the god of metal and evolution. The 2 beings gave brith to mankind, Yaldabaoth gave us our bodies and Mekhane our minds. After humanity advanced throughout the ages, creating new technology, Yaldabaoth became angered at us. We have abandoned our primal instincts for the safety of our homesteads. Thus she decided to restart us, wipe out the current stain and start anew. Mekhane in all his glory and mercy could not let that happen. In his wisdom, he knew that a war between 2 gods will result in the end of the world, so he decided to break himself and construct a cage from his parts. He tricked Yaldabaoth and trapped her in that cage. And thus the Church of the Broken god, seeks to rebuild their master and savior. Even though their differences the Broken Church, the Cogwork Orthodoxy and the Church of Maxwellism united to gather the parts of their god and reconstruct him anew. Disassembly is heresy. 



RP-Name Warns:

Level, Rank, Playtime: Level 20, I have 1 Day and 9 hours as of today 14/09/2020

SteamID: 76561199044519842 

What is the Church of the Broken God?: A Global organisation that believes in man's inherent evil and the purity of the machine.  The Church tries to bring together the components of the Broken God, to fix him. The Church overall believes that man and flesh are base and savage, and that machine is the way forward .

What are the 3 main factions of the church, how are they different from each other?:  The Broken Church, The Cogwork Orthadox Church and The Church of Maxwellism. The Broken Church is the original main Church. The Cogwork Orthadox are sometimes known as the Tickers due to the noise of their mechanical implants. They wish to mirror their god, so they experiment with mechanical implants.  The Church of Maxwellism use a more modern interpretation of the belief system. Instead of severe modification, they use smaller more cybernetic implants that are more advanced. Unlike the previous 2 factions they believe that fragments of the Broken God remain in modern technologies like the internet. They are also known as Hummers because of their tendency  to meditate to computer fans.

Who leads the each of the factions?: Robert Bumaro leads the Broken Church. 

Who is Yaldabaoth and who is Mekhane?: Yaldabaoth is the God of animal instinct and flesh, the savage god. Mekhane is the God of Intelligence and Thought. Mekhane and Yaldabaoth created humanity.

What is Sarkicism?: Sarkicism is a religious/philosophical system that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices. Adherents practice ritual cannibalism, human sacrifice, corporeal augmentation, thaumaturgy, and dimensional manipulation. Organic manipulation has allowed certain Sarkicites to achieve anomalous states of being, transcending the physical limitations of baseline humans.

Describe the War of the Flesh and how it ended:  The Sarkics clashed with the followers of Mekhane and both sides burnt out and faded away for a brief while. 

Thanks for reading my application I would really like this whitelist

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Apply in the thread

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