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STEAM ID: 76561198449097381

Current In-Game time: 5 weeks 11 hours

Current Warnings ( Show a screenshot of
your warns in game): image.thumb.png.5e33508e49ff04a3b27e2543dbac0e3a.pngOnly two and the one from John was over one or two years ago. 

1. Please list the first 3 roles of Ethics Committee and what it is they do as part of the foundation and Site Administration?* 

The ECM is responsible for overseeing the necessary and unnecessary action of the facility, and advising the O5 on what is acceptable and what is not, for example the use of d class can be questioned from time to time and as ECM they would advise on what to do to further treat them and use them. If the d class are being treated poorly and are being used for unnecessary reasons, the ECM can step in and re- educate them on how to properly treat and respect the subjects and even the SCPs at some times.

The ECM is the one who decides whether or not a course of action is necessary or is not needed at that point of time, balancing the costs and gains of the situation at hand and re- evaluating the actions being made, this could include the use of the nuclear warhead. When there is a mass breach or somewhat of a massive problem in the facility or the surface, the ECM will be allowed to change what they do, whether it is necessary or will be outbalanced by the costs of the action.

Finally, we overlook the on-goings inside the facility, such as the use of D class, tests and interrogations, and whether or not the site is running in the way it should be, ethically. if anything unethical is occurring, the ECM are the ones to deal with it, whether it be something as small as stun-sticking random people, all the way up to a huge mishap with certain people such as the court cases and the pacts. If unnecessary violence is occurring in an interrogation, it will be dealt with, and this will ensue a punishment scaling from a verbal warning and/or possible the death sentence if truly needed in extreme circumstances.  

2. Can you explain the 3 Lessons of the ethics committee and why they are important?*

1. The Foundation are not terrorists: We are not here to torture, murder or be under the terrorist act, it is a secret area locking away beings and objects that are anomalous to the regular human, we are a place that wants to be hidden, so culling the planet of people against us is not an option, and so peace treaties and secrecy vows are the best option, we want peace, not war.

2. The Foundation is not a organisation that rules the world: We serve under the leaders, and protect it against the many frightening occurrences that arrive that are seen as alien to the normal human, the Foundation do not want to rule the world since it will show popularity and will ensue rebellions against us, so keeping our secrecy is what is needed.

3. The 'P' in SCP stands for protect: As said in one of the above, the foundation protect the world, not take over or destroy it, this means that we silence the ones who know of us for our secrecy, but we do no more than that, no unnecessary killings or torture should be done, we destroy and contain and study the anomalies, keeping the outside world from knowing of the dark truth we hold, which is that monsters do exist, so we stay in the shadows and keep our distance. 

3.  Why do you believe you should be accepted into the Ethics Committee?*

I believe that I should be accepted because I love having a nicer world to live in for all, I try my best to keep things fair and I know my way around sticky situation and how to cull them, I would also love to have a court room and do court cases, and help people be fairly trialed for the second chance they may get from me, I don't agree and hate torture, and I hate having people hating their lives in the facility, so I would like to help change the way it is run and bring in more joy and equality.

4.  Explain in detail what the SCP Facility is and why it is important.*

The SCP Facility stands for 'Secure Contain Protect', this means we take whatever it is that is anomalous from the surface, and secure it into the facility, we then have our science tame devise a plan to contain it and this all leads to the world not having to deal with the terrible beings that appear, the SCP Facility is a secret, but very large and intricate, base used for protecting human lives and also exploring new ways to cure and kill off the strange beings that occur, so that human life can carry on in a standard way and let them live in peace and prosperity. 

5. If you are playing Ethics Committee and a situation has occurred with the O5 being  unethical and unlawful by ordering mass executions of high ranking members, what would you do?

In my opinion, I would gain all evidence possible and have the O5 detained for his damage, then I would report it immediately and wait for further action, such as demotion and hopefully, a court trial.

6.  You hear that the Site Director and Head Researcher have been abusing the powers of the SCPs on site(such ass 500 and 2295), what do you do?

First would be to evaluate the situation, first would be to interrogate about the misuse of the SCPs, and then about other incidents they have caused, after finding this out, I will take my recordings (screenshots) of the situation and keep them for a later date if necessary. After this, if the reasons were ridiculous and unneeded, as well as the severity of the actions, either immediate force will be taken or a verbal warning will be given, immediate action includes a possible immediate demotion or small jail time, but to keep it fair I will most likely (once again), do a court hearing.

7. You witness 2 Researchers wasting D-Class by throwing them into  SCP-106 for "Feeding", what do you do?

I would have them immediately detained and interrogated, then I would conduct a demotion or a jail sentence depending on whether they were involved or just watching, and the amount and d class and ranking of the researcher.

8. While on duty a breach occurs and you have the time and option of opening 1 of 2 gates to save someone from an incoming SCP, on 1 side is a fellow ECM and O1 unit and on the other 5 junior researchers, what gate do you open and why?

I would save the junior researchers, since the gate with the O1 and the ECM only have two people, therefore saving more people and potentially having more senior researchers in the future, and that would help the cause of the Facility, rather than saving someone who already knows the risks of the facility and even has an armed personnel with him, which also could protect the ECM and allow himself to be taken in place. To be honest, I would try to save both in that situation since there may be enough time to open both and get them both out. 

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