Eddie's Maxwellist Saint Application

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OOC Section
Steam Name : Eddie
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:523897097

In-Game Level & Rank:

Level 15 - Member/User
State what groups you are in(If you're in any): TF2Scrap, Wonder.TF

Playtime (5 days minimum, exceptions can be made): A year or more, went inactive for another year then came back.

Warns (Only 20 Warns Minimum, Exceptions can be made): N/A

What can you bring to the Church of the Broken God : Well, first. I've genuinly studied Church of The Broken god (COTBG), and actually eenjoyed it. I know what to do and it's actually my favorite GOI out of all of them due to their relations to MEKHANE, and RP I've done in the past about this on other servers. I also think it'd be pretty fun, instead of me always playing as a D-Class.

Do you understand that if you break any COTBG rules you will be punished: I do. 


I know that there's no template for it yet but I wanted to become COTBG because I like it and it seems fun and it's description is long and-

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