Eddie's Maxwellism Saint Application V2

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RP-Name : Scott Greenlands

Warns : N/A

Level : 15

Rank : Class-D

Playtime : A couple months to 1 year in total.

What is the Church of the Broken God? : Church of the Broken God is a group of followers that searched for pieces of Mekhane after parts of him were scattered around the Earth after sealing the god of animal instincts, and flesh, Yaldabaoth. It's mostly a religious group, that also searches for anomalous mechanical pieces to rebuild Mekhane.

What are the 3 main factions of the church, and how are they different from each other? : The Broken Church, they are the original members of the church, and their main goal is to find Mekhane's parts and rebuild him. The Cogwork Orthodoxy, they are very simple minded and their main assumption is that they can rebuild Mekhane in a factory. Finally, The Church of Maxwellism, they are the more modern ones, like us. They use more technology than the others, but they still wish to rebuild Mekhane, as well.

Who leads the each of the factions? : Robert Bumaro leads The Broken Church, The Patriarchs lead The Cogwork Orthodoxy, and The Church of Maxwellism has no leader, from what I know. 

Who is Yaldabaoth and who is Mekhane? : Yaldabaoth is the god of animal instincts and flesh, assumed to be the person who created humans. Mekhane is the god of mechanics/mechanacism(?) and intelligence.

What to the CotBG is herecy? : Flesh and disassembly.

What is Sarkicism? : Sarkicism is a cult that follows the ways of Yaldabaoth, they are obsessed with flesh, along with infections/diseases throughout the world.

Describe the War of Flesh and how it ended : The war of Flesh was a battle between Mekhane and Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth wanted the humans to have animal instincts while Mekhane wanted them to have intelligence, and they were getting intelligence. This provoked Yaldabaoth, the war would begin. Mekhane's followers were using many different, vast machines while Yaldabaoth's followers were using Flesh. Mekhane knew that if he were to win, no matter what there would be consequences. He decided to sacrifice himself, piecing of himself imprisoning Yaldaboath. 

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You have to apply on the Church of Maxwellism, United Church doesnt exist anymore

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