Banned for ERPx2

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ingame name- Qupon

steamid- 76561198064335292

reason- ERPx2

banned for 5 days

admin who banned me-zori

i asked some guy if i could suck his penis as a joke it was past midnight and i was just messing around, i accept that warn but then i got warned again seemingly out of nowhere despite not doing it anymore, or at least i can't recall doing it i have no evidence unfortunately

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Use the template first

Second of all no staff member will ban you for no reason after you stopped, the ERP here is a warn so you probably did something else with it maybe NH2RP With MRDM or some shit

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You wouldn't be banned straight away for ERP so you either did something else like Victor said or you reached the maximum warns and the system banned you automatically. Either way, you'll have to check with Zori or another staff member to see what actually happened.

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So i check logs to see what you were doing and you did /me Sucks dick so i bring you to a sit and looked through your warns and see you was warned for ERP a Hour before this for the same reason i check when the /me was done half an hour after the warn and i asked you what you did and you told me that you was warned for the same kind of thing you did to rogue and then i told you was getting warned and you went "what ever do what you gotta do warn me, or ban me, ill suck my own dick if i must"

You ERP'd twice within a 1 hour and 30 mins and whilst i was in a sit with you didn't seem to understand your actions therefore you was banned.

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Welp, Zori said everything, you completely deserve this, wait 5 days and stop doing that.


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