my unban request

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Your name in-game:  will.smith04

Your SteamID: will.smith 04

Admins' name that banned you: I don't remember

Admin's steamID:  I don't remember 

Evidence(Un-necessary): we were told to execute the D class due to some outbreak

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:  I am incredibly sorry for my actions , I really enjoy playing on this server and  I would never do it again , I was simply following orders from the lieutenant , not realising it was bad if it was given out by a higher rank , it was stupid of me to follow out the order , and again i would never do it again. 

Anything else?:  again I'm incredibly sorry and I just want to play on the server again 

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Well the story was we were guarding the cells , and there was some outbreak , (supposedly) , a lieutenant ordered us to go into the D-block and basically kill everyone inside to neutralise the virus , im not proud of myself now but at the time i was simply following orders 

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4 minutes ago, Maurice D Biggs said:

We require your actual steamID to check your ban, it normally looks like this:"STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX", you can get it via for example https://steamid.io/ , simply go to your profile in steam, right-click and copy the url, then paste it into the input field on steamid.io .


here you go  STEAM_0:0:434087448


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