Jedi and Clone Integration Rework

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What your suggestion is: 
The overhaul of Jedi and Clone integration, a way to increase player interaction and create a new and refreshing environment that see's two sides of the server working towards the same goal.
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Any additional information: 

Overview: As my time in Jedi ( while brief) has shown a lot of issue's to the overall structure of the Jedi order. In terms of events, RP, and player experience, the Jedi role in WG could be much better. Clones and Jedi are two very different groups, that is no secret. That means they have different task's and RP goal's. This makes sense to a point but as much as the two groups are separated as they are in WG, there's no interaction between the two player base's, and thus a shortage on RP experience's.  With the use of new Jedi job's that add them to their own regiments to train and guide said regiment, along with integrated trainings between Clones and Jedi I do believe that a solution could be made and implemented into the Server.

Regimental Jedi: Jedi have always been a part of Clone's training's, mission's  and team. The two complete each other and thus make the Republic stronger as a whole. Introducing Jedi assigned to regiments and tasked with guiding, training with, and overall supporting, clone's in each regiment would have a great advancement to regimental performance. They are not there to act as a new branch of hierarchy so much as they are another voice aiding the EXO, VC, and CMDR, introducing them to new types of thinking with trainings and regimental progression. Now whether there's only one Jedi per regiment and what rank's and path's can "join" clone regiment's is up to manning and the Jedi Master and above say so. This program of sort's is the first step into making Jedi a true supporting role to the extremely more manned clone side of the server. 

On the Battlefield: The biggest blockade and the reason this would be denied without second thought is the Silver Rule. If you're reading this I'm certain you know what the Silver Rule entails and so I won't waste the typing to explain it. Now before anything else is stated I am by no means suggesting we remove or completely change one of the three main rule's of the server. The Silver Rule has it's purpose and should continue to be upheld. What I'm suggesting is a slight change to the way Jedi can support their clone brother's on the battlefield. Too many time's I have seen Jedi just standing around while clone's drop like flies. They're either in the side line's watching since they have nothing else to do or they're standing in the way because they seem to have a death wish. To be honest why are the Jedi and their potential to support the clone's being so overly wasted. Jedi do not have to be right in the fight but they can be deflecting incoming shots, without needing approval every time they want to, attacking hostiles on the side to ease the stress for clones to clean up everything, and could have a larger role in the field of healing. Yes we have a regiment to heal but the numbers are not always around and frankly there's a lot of clone's in need of healing during any kind of hostile event. The Jedi aren't needed as a frontline, the support and back-up they can give however is strongly needed, and if we're being honest instead of just getting in the way of clone's why don't we give them task's to point them in the right direction. 

Final Words: This is not meant as a final plan. This is more of a kick starting to something that could be. Even if it's denied hopefully some parts can be taken and used to improve the server environment for both Clone's and Jedi alike. Please if you have any questions either ask in this topic or DM me on discord at any time. I may have missed something I already thought of and I would love to clear any confusion about my post. Thank you for your time


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-1 Jedi in regiments is a waste of time as it is just putting more smaller groups on the server that need to be managed which is a bad thing. In addition when Jedi block in an event, they are more of a hinderance then a help. This is because they don't block all shots, they don't work together to create walls of defence, and most of the time they deflect back at other clones or just get shot by clones because they are in the way. I like the difference between Jedi and Clones, because it allows people to choose what they want to do. I think one of the reasons the server is so successful is because the Jedi are a complete different side to the server. 


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Your experience in Jedi? You mean minging around MB by Force leaping around and shanking the 327th EXO with your lightsaber? That's not a very viable experience, and some Jedi already work with clones, such as Aces, Sages or Peacekeepers. Also Jedi leading clone regiments was something that was a thing in the server a long time ago, pretty sure it got removed for a reason. Also, we are not the clones supporters, we work for ourselves, not for the clones, that's how it works in this server, and Jedi should not be standing like statues in the middle of a shooting, if you see Jedi interfering with clones like that report it to a Master.


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Silent summed up most of what I was going to say, but as it is now, there is no real need to overhaul any sort of system for incorporating jedi more in to clone as both sides right now  aren't really wanting to.

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