Im asking for a second chance

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My In-Game name: TheTarget taliban


Steam Name: TheTarget taliban

What is the reason for your ban: ban evasion

How long were you banned for: permenlty

Name of the staff member who banned you: console
Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: It was my first ever star wars rp server, everyone on their first run always gets a bit mischievous but then i eventually got arrested for shooting random people. Then (at the time i didn't know this would get me in trouble) i disconnected whitest handcuffed and got banned for 2 days, and i thought nothing of it though now i regret it. Then i did try to bypass it on another account with a vpn but it evidently 
 didnt work. Due to my arrogance i acted unrationally and now im perma banned from the server and now i cant play with my friends who have actually really like the game and hasnt got a single warning or infraction. So now i ask for a second chance as i haven't had much warning of what my actions would have got me and i give my word i will act responsibly and be a part of this community. Even if this sentence is reduced to an extended sentence from a permaban im ok i have thought about my actions and seriously reconsidered how i should act and behave.


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Pls at least reduce the ban time, he was doing it for a laugh n got carried away. We want to play with him but obviously can’t so if the ban was reduced we would rly appreciate it. +1

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Being the guy that arrested you the ban is valid, however I do beleive that you should be unbanned eventually.

Just not yet, give it a few weeks.





Credit to Loki for this.



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Pretty much what Toon said. Appealing a perma ban as soon as it is given it unrealistic. Give it time before you apply and you could have a better chance especially since the first offence was not major.


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You should've known the consequences as soon as you booted up the alt account. It's your responsibility to read through the rules and make sure you're not breaking any of them in the process. 


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