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Common Roleplay Name:

Isaac Miles

Steam Name:


Discord Name:




Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot):Β 



Your Current Playtime (1-week minimum):

4w 1d 17h

Tell us your back story:

Friedrich Kaufmann is a German male considered to be a tall standing man atΒ 6β€²1β€³ feet in height. Due to his noticeable wealth he doesn't refrain from demonstrating his belongings whenever needed,Β  his stature seems to be quite elegant and still seems to be somewhere in his mid-forties. Mr. Kaufmann is a very straight forward business man when he needs to be, but at times he'll present himself as very calm and gentle. He treats his customers with the outmost hospitality and usually when possible he takes his time for business since time is money. He keeps things professional and doesn't try to loose his temper, he's got a very thick accent and his demeanor is usually an act as even Mr. Kaufmann is very hungry for money and power. He tends to concealΒ his real concepts and ideas. he was born in Ramsau, his parents never really being poor but rather right in the middle-class. Friedrich always had dreams in hope's of being at the very top. He wasn't the type of fellah to take up normal work, he considered workers to be puppets no matter of which occupation or heritage they came from. Having people work for you was his way of acknowledging who's in control and who's at the bottom of the food-chain, credit card fraud was one way of gaining a status and respect in his small-scale syndicate. It continued with money-laundering, taking control of mortals and feeding them hopes and an occupation.Β  Distribution of narcotics, he's the one pulling the strings and managing the ordeal while those below him execute his directives. Mr. Kaufmann eventually expanded his territory and his wealth and thus gaining a status within Europe, it was clear that he couldn't remain for long due to his wealth creating more threats. And the more severe the difficulties became the worse where his odds of survival thus he disappeared but his lust for world-dominance and power still existent he ventured off to find a new opportunity.

Why do you want to join Marshall, Carter and Dark?:

I believe from what I've witnessed MC&D is quite inactive and I do wish to change that, people like to flag on but usually only when there's a salesman on to do the distributing. When there is a salesman on it's usually for a max of two to five minutes until one hops off, I'm also generally interested in trying out some new GOI groups since I mostly play site related roles and don't have that many interactions on the surface. I have played MC&D a couple of times but not all too much due to inactive people. I think the idea and purpose can be nicely enforced if there's people on to do so.Β 

Why should you be accepted into the MC&D?:

I really don't see any reasons as to why not, I'm mature and due to my multiple whitelists I believe I prove to not abuse what is given to me, I'm active enough and even when I do work I canΒ  occasionally try to play. I abide by any and all rules and am quite good at roleplaying myself if people want to try and roleplay. Of course I'm also good at combat, not that I would go on the offense as a salesman but it could come in hand if we're being threatened.

Explain what MC&D is and their profession/purpose?:Β 

Marshall Carter & Dark is an organization abusing loopholes and any opportunities given to them to make a stable income and profit. While crime is one of the tools they use to keep their finances in check they're not really the front of the line type of crime-organization. While they can be bought as mercenaries they do use multiple methods to achieve their goals. Anomalies in themselves can be considered very valuable and preciousΒ  and thus they actively search for them and auction them when need be. They only accept the most qualified of individuals within their hierarchy and don't have use for weakness. Keeping relations and good ties with other groups is important as they might seek interests in their special offers. Due to their wealth and status they're very powerful and have many tactics at their disposal when needed. Their headquarters are stationed within the surface's club.

Explain what the jobs in the MC&DΒ do (Bouncer, Agent and Salesman):Β 


They are obligated to defend the clubΒ from any and all threatsΒ  and make sure the customers don't try anything hostile. They make sure to analyze and advise customers if need be.


Due to their equipment and experience they can venture out of the club if need be to secure any anomalies situated on the surface, they could potentially money print within the club with permission from the salesman. They have the potential to be hired as mercenaries by others.


They're in-charge of the finances and making sure a stable income is established by whatever means necessary. They're the ones in lead of the club and can order Agents & Bouncers if required. They make sure that their products are advertised.

Give me an example of how will you advertise that you sell drugs/weapons/anomalies:Β 

Considering we're situated at a club I could use our standpoint for an advantage by inviting people into the club and say something along the lines of people being welcome at the club if they'd like to have a good time. Depending on the situation on the surface using communication devices might not be the best idea as we do not want to drag too much attention to ourselves. So making use of the Agents to venture out and obtain customers could also be a good task for them to do instead of hanging around in the club all day.

How should be the relations of MC&D with other groups be?:Β 

Preferably friendly and positive as more allies equals to more customers which guarantees a good income and more success for the club at hand. Good ties could be used for opting to more security since who'd want to mess with a club when lots of powerful groups are there to back it up?

Explain how would you deal with a situation where there is a possible raid situation against MC&D?:

Make sure to inform all groups which we'd have good ties with, make sure both the Agents and Bouncers are armed and ready and that the Club is locked down. Staying on the defense would be a first, the club is a good defendable position with lots of hiding spots and cover.

Give me an example of your ideal method of managing MC&D/Unwhitelisted jobs as a Salesman:Β 

Make sure to entrust them with important tasks and give them something to do while yes defending the club is important I believe making profit is just as important in order to strive for success. If they're deviant and not loyal then I won't be afraid to punish them, give them the freedom they need when a situation calls for it.


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6 hours ago, Lando Norris. said:


Nice guy,Β 



6 hours ago, Godspeed said:

+1 cool guy


1 hour ago, Walter Alvarez said:

+1 Good guy

Glad to see we all have a wide range of things to say lol.

Also just because someone has whitelists already it shouldn't really effect whether you get in, it should be based of how they act.Β 

I am here to launder money

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