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Unblacklist from Job Management pls :)

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Server you got banned from: none 🙂

Your name in-game: Kevin Lowikeyes

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:102077624

Admins' name that banned you: Most if not all of Hierarchy banning me from job management.

Admin's steamID:  STEAM_0:0:84061843 (Joshy Freeman's SteamID) STEAM_0:1:67813220 (Class-D get guns event's SteamID) and idk Xunt's steamID

Why did you get banned?: Toxicity to the previous ISD manager called "Reece Islip"


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: It's been a couple of months since my blacklist (i think) and I've tried to lower my overall toxicity, so maybe I can no longer be blacklisted from managing jobs.

Anything else?: I am the real entity 303.

just punch through his fucking head

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I have spoken to kevin about this and I genuinely think he knows he fucked up and took the punishment. 

Maybe a direct apology to Reece would be in order but idk.

Kevin is a good guy and managed jobs well back when he could.


Entity 303 is unfunny shutup

I am here to launder money

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Instead of pointlessly making this thread in a quite frankly pathetic attempt to stir up drama and garner sympathy for yourself, you should have DMed me, Joshy or Viktor regarding this.

You were toxic towards the new ISD manager because you were demoted from management, you also encouraged your friends to be toxic towards him on a regular basis both in game and off server. This resulted in him leaving the community completely due to the harassment you caused him.

Also disappointed by the sheer lack of remorse or apology in this appeal.

You should think yourself lucky you weren't perma banned for it.


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