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Unban from SCP-RP

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Server you got banned from: WG SCP RP

Your name in-game: Kevin Lowikeyes

Your SteamID:Β Β STEAM_0:0:102077624

Admins' name that banned you: Xunt probably

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?: "Harassing another user, getting friends to harass said user until he quit the server, 0 apology or remorse about it"

Evidence(Un-necessary):Β unknown.png

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: #1, I did not encourage any of my friends to harass the user in question, if they did or didn't, that was a decision made by them & them only. #2 There wasn't "0 apology or remorse about it", you can ask Nathan Kennedy and most probably many others about it. #3 On the requested unblacklist request I was unaware that I could've contacted Xunt, Joshy or Viktor about it, along with some hours prior to this ban, I asked Joshy in a VC if I could make an unban request from job management on the forums, & I may be wrong but I believe he said yes, and some other users said I should make one on the forums.

Anything else?:

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just punch through his fucking head

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Permanent is kind ofΒ harsh in my opinion, what he did was wrong and really not the way to go about it but if the person in question didn't manage the group as supposed to do then I'm wondering why he even remained group manager. Being toxic isn't cool at all, and how long was this ago?Β 

To me it sounds like he's been BLed a while due to this issue so my question is why is he getting bannedΒ for it now?

+1Β (Until I hear anything more regarding the situation)

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Harrassing the old ISD manager just because they didn't do anything about the job for a time of about 4 days to a week and a half is overkill and makes you sound like a crybaby rage nigga


However, any other claim of Fricky asking others to do the same or having no remorse in the situation are bullshit, he spoke to no one (that I'm aware of at least) to harass the manager and he did send messages of apology and regret to me when I was LGM before my kick from staff.

This event happened a long time ago as well, and only got him banned because of his mistake to make an unban request for it on the forums. Also a perm ban for this is stupid.


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+1 for a reduced ban, for a couple of reasons


1.) Kevin never encouraged other people to actually do what he was doing, as someone who talked to him during the entire ordeal, it was only a problem he wanted to keep between himself and the manager, and others just jumped on board i guess.

2.) This was about 2 months ago now, having a perm ban now is a bit strange in all honesty as it couldve been handled then (which is what I believed happen, as Kevin is BL from managing any job now).


I personally cannot speak on the β€œno remorse” aspect of it as once he was BLd from management and the entire ordeal ended, he didnt really talk about it afterward.


Did Kevin do the retard? Β Yes of course he did, his actions were on the same level of griefing a minecraft world when you were 7, and he probably does deserve a punishment, but a perm ban for 2 months after the entire ordeal is a bit strange honestly.

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After discussing the original punishment with Joshy and Norra we realised the original punishment given for literally harassing and bullying someone off the community/server was far too lenient. You making that joke of an appeal where you showed 0 remorse or apology was what made me realise you got off with basically 0 punishment and have very clearly learnt absolutely nothing from being BLed from managemen hence the ban. We have a 0 tolerance policy for harassment and toxicity which is why after review your punishment was changed to a perma ban.


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