Suggestion for the New map rp_basefg

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What your suggestion is:  To remove the fence in the image bellow

Pros: Retaking GR could be now done by just the frontline jumping in the BHB, We (Frontline) wont need to wait for an Laat just to go in BHB, We wont be using the elevator just to push the GR

Cons: Jumping in the BHB could count as fail rp, mingey CTs jumping in the GR while the bhb is open, and the GR elevator will be used less

Scriptfodder/workshop link: no

Any additional information: no

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Yeah it'd be super quick to just hop straight into BHB and retake it rather than going down the elevator and so on but it's also just failRP as blaster said. 

People would probably run down there even on defcon 5 either through intent to minge or by accident. Not really worth it. 

Elevator is a fun aspect in events with it being such a huge chokepoint. I think it's better to keep it used like as is. We can still go down the BHB through LAATs and this also just gives CE more to do and I'm sure they'd rather be flying and transporting rather than standing around. 

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what blaster said -1

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good bye map

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