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UnBan Request

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My In-Game name: (I can't remember)

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:143985445

Steam Name: Neil Breen

What is the reason for your ban: Cheating

How long were you banned for: Permanent

Name of the staff member who banned you: Console


Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: 

This ban was occurred in WW2 RP and resulted in further bans in console

This apply was already been accepted in WW2 RP Forums, the link is in "Evidence"


I was having a conversation with a friend in server via voice chat while guarding the station as OrPo.

We were talking OOC which we weren't supposed to do. We were talking about how easy it is to cheat in Gmod and how there is no such protection at all like VAC.

He was disagreeing with me and claiming that gmod is not very optimized to support any cheats what so ever and I said something I know I shouldn't have.

To prove him wrong I said that I was cheating at the moment which I was not. I only said this to claim the argument. It was a stupid action.

I was not and never cheated in any game before.

An officer which I don't want to share his name but if you wish I can direct message his name, was recording at the moment and justifiable called an admin on me.

I wanted to defend myself but the video evidence was clear and I accepted the punishment.

Though I know cheating is an extreme offense, I really enjoy playing in the server.

I am sorry for my immature actions and ask for an unban to return to the server and the community.



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This is SWRP, not WW2 RP, but incase this is a community ban, i believe you should be given a chance, since you werent actually cheating, but of course with staff keeping an eye on you to make sure you were not lying.


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9 minutes ago, Koauts Beghemot said:

Hi Saffrus! How are you doing?


Anyhow I think I was the guy who called an adnim to ban you/ ban you right away as I remember such situation and video evidence.
I don't get it, is this ban from console? Or have you been banned again?



Why was this moved to WW2 RP? I wanted to make an appeal for my SWRP Ban. It is the same ban, I've been unbanned from WW2 RP and because it was a console ban from all the other servers I'm trying to get unbanned from SWRP and SCPRP. I placed the link for the evidence. This is not an WW2 unban request this is an SWRP unban request. This is not a new ban it is the old ban from March.

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Moved back to SWRP. Haha. 

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Yeah i'm retarded, didn't look through the thread properly before i moved it kek.

Anyways accepted.

Don't see a reason to why you should stay banned on here when you've been unbanned on NRP.


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