A Unwell rest.

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A Unwell rest.

GondoWall 10/4/09 (Tue) 07:23:21 #191430156


My Humble abode.


Sleep paralysis. It's a terrifying thing. There are a lot of stories about it. I had my first sleep paralysis experience when I was like, 8 or so. There was a very tall figure in the corner chanting for me, and it terrified me. Every single time, he was just there. I learned to just accept he was there. Eventually he stopped chanting, I didn't even notice. I was too terrified. But that's not the point of the story. Okay.. it all started around 6 years ago on a Saturday night. I just said goodnight to a few friends, and I went to bed. I watched YouTube and shows on my phone for a bit, then I went to bed. And that, is where it all really started. I woke up at exactly 7:12 A.M. I saw him in the corner, like usual. I couldn't move. all I did was stare. After about 6 minutes, I was able to move. I felt it. I got out of my bed for the first time. And he was STILL THERE. I don't really know how to describe it. You know when you realize you're ultimately just.. Frozen beyond belief? When you're so unimaginably surprised and terrified at the same time. That genuine fear of the unknown... It gets you. But curiousity killed the cat- I walked towards him. He turned around, and stared at me. He had a mouth. Eyes. And a face. I nearly scared myself to death. But the catch is... he shushed me. He genuinely told me to be quiet, and patted my head. I was crying. Genuinely crying. I'm not sure why. I just was.

After a bit, he talked. He said something. He said "I'm sorry. It is terrifying. I don't even know what it is myself." I was so unbelievably confused, terrified, and relieved at the same time. He said "It's okay. I won't hurt you." I didn't have words. I just.. didn't. After a while, I asked "What is it?". This was the most terrifying moment of my life, and it only gets worse from here... "The real monster that you should be afraid of." I was still completely unnerved by this being. I mean hell, it was a dark void with white eyes and a white stick figure mouth! But I felt safe. Because I was safe. So I asked, "Why me?". After a deadly long silence, he finally replied, "Because you are one with it. It is one with you.". I didn't even know what to say at that point. Apparently some otherworldly creature wanted to save me...? I thought it out. I thought I was safe. but I went back to sleep, and now I am here. Please help me. It's dark. He is no longer here.

GRuizduchdie 10/4/09 (Tue) 09:34:21 #191430156

>Sleep paralysis. It's a terrifying thing

 You know what's pretty terrifying  my nuts.

Literally man it's a pair of two balls dangling around my penis it's soo fucking huge it carries the english channel and it cover's the red sea in Arabia, like if you have any idea of how huge my balls it probably can cause a eclipse on the sun That's how huge they are but you wouldn't understand it




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