327th Bolt

Minor Playermodel Change

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What your suggestion is


My suggestion is the addition of pauldrons to the "Commisioned-Officer" playermodels. The reasoning for this is that it looks bad having "Non-Commisioned-Officers" Have Pauldrons, then having them drop it when becoming a higher rank in return for the kama/skirt. There is no reason this would not work as the 327th regiment already has pauldrons for "Commisioned-Officers". It just generally is weird having a lower rank have a pauldron when a higher rank does not. I feel like this is an easy addition so there is not really a reason not to unless nobody has the time.

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39 minutes ago, Krowly said:







it is there do differentiate ranks within seconds, your suggestion would make that impossible

Then why does 327th have pauldrons for CO?

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On 10/7/2020 at 12:44 PM, Victor said:

Why doesn't the EXO have the bino like other regiments? Not every regiment is the same


^ Explained it .

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