Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" Guide

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Mobile Task Force


"Red Right Hand"



Dear Alpha-1 Agents,


I congratulate you all on qualifying for recruitment into Alpha-1.  However, your real job begins now, and serving the O5 Council directly is not a joking matter.  This "guide" per say will help you understand your role, what to do, and how to do it right.


First, there are three main things you must remember.


- Loyalty

- Competency

- Diligence


These 3 main componence will help you survive your time as an Alpha-1 Agent.  Let's break these down into more detail.


Loyalty: Loyalty is the key to Alpha-1.  Remember, you are loyal to the O5 Council First, Foundation Second.  This applies no matter what.  If you must chose between siding with the Foundation and a Council Member (very unlikely to happen), you side with the Council Member, no matter your feelings or the situation.


Competency: You must use your brain as an Alpha-1 to survive.  Think rationally.  "Will X harm Council Member?  If so, how do I stop this?" is a great way to think.  Remember, a Council Member's life is beyond your own, if you must die to let them live, do so without question.


Diligence: Tying in with point 1 and 2, you must be quick and precise in your actions.  if you are ordered to kill a crowd, do it as quickly as possible.  If you must kill a group of enemies on your own, find a way to do that with minimizing damage to yourself.  Once you master this, the rest should come easy.




Now that we are finished with the 3 main concepts, let us move on to your responsibilities.


We'll split this up into two main sections, With Council Members on site, and Without.  We'll start with them on site.


If a Council Member is on site, you must drop everything you are doing and go assist them.  Whether that be guarding, getting someone, or even getting a coffee, you must do what they ask.  Some Council Members may ask you to guard a Site Director or other High Value Target within the Foundation.  You will do so until you get another task, or they are in danger.  Now, what if 2 Council Members give you conflicting orders?  Well, it depends.  If one O5 is betraying the Council and another who is with the Council orders you to capture him, you do so.  However, if it is a petty fight between them, do your best to keep them as safe as possible whilst they settle their differences.


Without a Council Member is a bit more tricky.  See, you still must obey Site Administration's commands, for this example we'll use the SD, and enact them to the fullest possible.  Lets say the SD ordered you to guard an SCP, you'd guard an SCP.  However, you are not limited to Site Directors, also Ethics Committee Members, Site Advisors, Heads of External Affairs, and External Affairs Agents.  You must do whatever you can to protect thee groups of people.  Of course, as soon an O5 becomes known to be on site to you, you must revert to them.


Besides the duties listed above, what else do you do?

Well, you also can assist MTF Nu-7 to secure the site from outside threats, assist E-11 to contain anomalies, and assist Security/O-1 keep the peace within the site.  Luckily you wont have to do that much, but there will be times where you might.


Your superior equipment allows you to take on engagements that you usually couldn't, use that to your advantage.


I wish you good luck Agent, and God Bless the Foundation.



O5-1, "The Colonel"

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