Lorex Krato

Lorex's MC&D Salesman Application

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Common Roleplay Name: Lorex Krato

Steam Name: Lorex

Discord Name: Lorex 

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:67543918

Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot): 2 warns (Can send SS of warns)

Your Current Playtime (1-week minimum): 17 weeks and 5 days

Tell us your back story: 
Lars Wildfire is member of the Wildfire family. Known in the anomalous world for having powerfull offspring in terms of abilities. However, Lars is not one of these offsprings. To compensate for his disadvantage, the Wildfire family supplied Lars with resources which he requested. 

After becoming quite spoiled with the near infinite riches he had aquired from his family, he had a thirst for more. The family realized what Lars had turned to and saw it fit to teach him a lesson and stopped fulfilling his many requests for money and materials. 

Nevertheless, he was not going to give this feeling of power go away. He struck down with his roots of what he had on hand at the moment and started an organization. All around stealing and selling illegal wares.

Lars would have otherwise perished a long time ago by the local mob bosses for trying to impede on their territory. But as all members of the Wildfire family, the gift of undying was present. Many would consider the many assasinations on Lars Wildfire a success, but they never achieved the goal of making a man stay dead.

This fact became rumors and gossip around Lars's cartel. This further boosted his manpower as more wanted to join the "Undying Man"'s cartel.
And so his operations continued, stretching far and grabbing whatever values he could.
Through extortion, blackmail, murder, corruption, kidnapping and torture there was only one clear goal to Lars. 
He wanted everything he could see. 
Anything in the way of this goal was nothing more than just another body.
He was by all accounts, gone mad. Until one not so enjoyable day.

He had yet to meet resistance in his movement. The regular cop could usually be bribed, and the regualr mobs tends to die when shot at a lot. But when he encountered anomalous groups, his operations halted to a stop. 
His men could'nt shoot what they could'nt see. Slowly but surely, UIU, The SCP Foundation, GOC and The Chicago Spirit was taking everything away from Lars. Raiding his warehouses, killing his men. 

He had reached the bottom. Locked inside a shabby office, outside standing many men with guns and symbols on them. They were'nt here to kill, but to contain. Lars knew he would be living in a 4x4 for the rest of his life possibly. Door was blown up, and with little resistance from a man struggeling to comprehend his actions, cuffs. 

In the van, on the way to the rest of his life, He thought. He tried to think, to ponder, to wonder. He was so focused on thinking he failed to notice the convoy had come to a stop. The men around him was still, holes and red everywhere. 

The door to the van dissapered, from reality. And as a hand was stretching forward to offer a new life, Lars had figured out his question he had been asking himself for a long time. 
How he would do everything, better.

(Must include appearance, personality, methodology, attitude, motives ,and profession.)

Why do you want to join Marshall, Carter and Dark?: 
Money, and now that surface got a redo and i think surface RP will prosper once more. I wish to return MC&D to what is was before. I want to help making MC&D the power of the surface.

Why should you be accepted into the MC&D?: My previous involvement in the group as owner, then co. I think i would be more than what is required as bare minimum.

Explain what MC&D is and their profession/purpose?: MC&D
Is the answer to the question
"What if i were to sell anomalies?"
Through pretty much being the biggest anomalous trade organization in the world, MC&D deals with anything you might desire which is anomalous or not. 
They can supply, as long as your wallet is packed to the brim. With their goal being wealth, they deliver, sell, resell and run their operations in whatever way allows them to continue earning. 
Purpose in short, make money, not war.

Explain what the jobs in the MC&D do (Bouncer, Agent and Salesman): 
Bouncer, the brawn.
He will, guard the club and the salesman. He will do as ordered and without hesitation. Moneyprinting, assasination, security and pretty much a handy man. He will be whatever the Salesman requires him to be. 

Agent, scanny bois
Though not higher in command, the agent has a second task outside guarding his boss and place of work. He will look for artifacts and alike to sell. Aquiring them through sweeping the city.
And he shall respect the code of anomaly hunting. 

Salesman, Lvl 100 Boss

This guy, is really good.
He runs the club, and the arms trade, and drug trade and pretty much any word with trade in it. His motives, money. His ways, plenty. Charismatic? Maybe. But efficient, YES.
Gaining money for MC&D, attending "Meetings" to boost moneygain and pretty much, your regual mob boss, but better in 1.000.000$ ways.

Give me an example of how will you advertise that you sell drugs/weapons/anomalies:
 Well, il start with bribing the mayor to allow sales of guns. Then i will make my men put up posters about weapon sales. 
I'll recruit some people to sell drugs on the down low for me, if they get caught, they loose their heads.

And with anomalies, i will do a "Google" and target my adds to the groups i think would be the most interested.
CI would like COG or Key, as do the Serpents.
Church, i would overprice the shit out of the COG.
Orb for civs who pays plenty.

How should be the relations of MC&D with other groups be?: 
I shall try to keep relations as neutral as they go, without impacting how much money i can gain. I cant make money if im using it on killing people.

Explain how would you deal with a situation where there is a possible raid situation against MC&D?:
Depending on who they are;
COPS: I would try to contact the mayor. I'll let the cops inside so they dont have to hack, then tell my boys to drop em dead while they aint watching.
CI: I'll wait for their boss to kill them. However if they actually do wish to raid, i'll respond with firepower.
Serpents: If firepower is'nt enough, i'll see if the Cops or CI can't help me out. Worst case scenario, The Foundation will happily kill these grasshoppers for me, for a price of course.
Foundation: "/surface Foundation raiding club", as i continue to watch CI and Serpents crawl out of their corners to get some neat ol comms.
Church: Firepower, and Foundation possibly.
Anyone else is either dead before the door is opened, or dead as soon as they step a foot outside.

Give me an example of your ideal method of managing MC&D/Unwhitelisted jobs as a Salesman: 
I am a generous god
I'll ask if they want to money print, and supply em free gear.
I'll tell em to help costumers and look for anomalies. 
And il pay them bonuses on every "bad" deed done.
Agents would be mostly out of the club, without comms looking for goodies. Bouncers would mostly be printing or guarding me. 
I as a salesman, will be wherever money can be gained.

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Have interacted with him on multiple occasions, is a perfect fit for MC&D and Passive RP in general.
Good luck on your app!

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+1 Had been constantly playing Bouncer the past days, Interacted with him a few times, all of those he seemed competetent. Overall has good activity, he is hella competetent. So he deserves the Job.

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Dear Applicant, 

I have decided to Accept your application to become a Salesman.
Contact either me or staff at the earliest convenience to receive your whitelist.
Welcome to Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. Do not disappoint us.

Mr Ruprecht Carter

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