Walter Webb

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In Game Name:Walter Webb

SteamID:STEAM_0:1 :450116981


Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:I was an ECM Vice-Chairman 2 times,B-1 1st LT,Nu-7 Captain,O5 2 times,HoEA 3 times,HR and for GOI I was an MC&D salesman 2 times 

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:I have a lot of previous leadership experience and I know I will do well enough while running the site.I can follow and execute given orders.I won't cause problems in the chain of command or go AWOL.I believe that strong proof to show that I will do good is because of the many site administration roles I fulfilled.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?:The site director is there to run the site by keeping good communication with each of the sites department heads and giving them instructions on what to do and what not to do.He is also there to execute O5 orders.He should by no means micro manage everything on the site.If the SD wants to he can overview tests and projects.

What is the O5 Council?:The O5 council is the highest known body of power in the Foundation.The council consists of 12(or 13) members which have ultimate control over the site and its personnel.They usually give out direct orders to high ranking personnel such as the SD and then it filters down.

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