Aleks's 3rd Staff App

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In Game Name: GM Executive Officer Aleks  / Jedi Scout Aleks


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:94062156


Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server: Negative


In-game rank (VIP and 501st SGT): GM Executive Officer & Jedi Scout - Also Plat VIP


Have you got experience in staffing RP servers: Yes altho I only have experience staff 3 small servers, also I do host a small multiplayer game a lot for me and some friends which use ULX so I use it a lot on theirs.


Age: 16, Soon 17


Playtime: 12Weeks 6Days

Predicted time on server per week: 40Hours Minimum But I average 100 Hours a Week as i have normally have 200+ hours past 2 weeks


Warns/bans: None - 0Warns & 0Bans 0kicks


Do you use a microphone: Yes


What do you aim to achieve in our staff team: I Aim to add another very active staff member to the staff team, I aim to help everyone that requires any help in any ways possible in my power and in the best interest of the community and server, I am to try and make the server an even better place then it already is so everyone who is here to RP and have fun can do so, I aim to stop people from breaking the rules and ruining this community we have here.


Why do you stand out among other candidates: I am very active being on every day from 6 pm -3 am some days I am even on from 4 pm-5 am, now I know we have active staff on at days but the staff at night times if they are on, they are AFK as Jedi, which makes me stand out as I would be active at a time when other staff are not. I have never and ever wanted to and never will get a warning on this server as well as I don't have any warnings to this day, now I am not saying all other candidates have warnings but some do and due to this I have a clean record. I am also truly dedicated to this server hopping on every day to have fun and rp not mess about or any of that stuff, I let alone staying on this server to so late when bearly anyone is on shows how dedicated to this server because I love this server and I love the community in it. Lastly, I also have a small amount of experience staffing servers, I know it may be small but its a start and at least I don't have any. I also have quite a lot of experience in using ULX as I host small peer-to-peer servers a lot for me and some mates to do some stuff on which always uses ULX so in this time I have learnt the basics and most of the ULX commands.


Why should we pick you to staff our server(200 words): All the reason above are very good reasons to why you should pick me to staff your server. But never the less you should pick me to staff your servers because of how extremely active I am being on every day this will result in claims being gotten to a lot quicker (now am not saying their slow because their not but if I am staff you better know if am not doing anything important I am clicking that claim button ASAP). 2nd of all myself is not planning on leaving the server anytime soon saying this if I get accepted I am going to be staying for a very long time.3rd of all I have shown how dedicated I am to this server with my activity and because of how much I love this server I would never do anything to ruin its reputation or player base, to say to this if I am staff I will always act in the best of the server and never in the best of myself or someone else. Another reason why to pick me for staff is that I am trustworthy and serious shown that I have reached the rank of EXO and even Temp VC which I don't believe any random person could achieve the role of hierarchy, hierarchy is a role for a respected and trustworthy member and I have achieved that though being just that. Another reason why you should pick me for staff is that this is my 3rd app showing that I truly want to be staff to help the server out and the staff team. Next of all, I do not fuck about (sorry for the language) this means I will not use my staff powers for no reason I will never use them to abuse them or anything in that sort. Now I may not be apart of this community for the longest time only just above 1 year but if you ask anyone in Galactic Marines (GM my regiment) they will say I don't mess around & that I am trustworthy. Another reason to pick me to staff your servers is that I know between right and wrong and I will never be one-sided (even if its something to do with someone I know and are close to me) saying that I will always hear every side of the story and will never act on impulse. I will always act as a responsible staff member and will always act like the "bigger man", I will always act professional, saying this if someone tries to make something personal for whatever reason I will never take it to heart and I will just act as a responsible staff member and just get over it and deal with the situation as it should be done. Another reason to why you should pick me for staff is because I am good friends with staff and EP's so I've seen how being staff works a bit and I've seen some commands that were unfamiliar to me earlier summed up this is a good reason because I have seen first hand how being a staff member works. Lastly, as a staff member, Lastly will always be friendly and never be disrespectful which I think is very important to keep a good and nice community.


Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed: Yes


If a trooper didn’t salute to you, what do you do as a staff member: If I am as SOD I would do nothing as its an RP based thing and SOD is an OOC base role also as SOD he shouldn't see me most of the time, If I am an RP character my GM role I would just point out to remember of course 2nd LT+ to salute and all but not make a big fuss out of such a small thing.


You haven’t done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this: I would explain myself to my hierarchy and explain why I didn't if I was just being lazy (which won't happen) I will work harder for the rest of my time to show that I have learnt and will work harder not for just one week but forever.


You don’t like a staff member, how do you handle this: If it's the way staffing that is bad like handling stuff badly I will talk to them personally but of course friendly saying like " hey mate the way you handled this and this is bad because of this and this reason and instead you should of handling it like this because of this reason" now hopefully they will improve and then it will end there, now if they do not improve and keep handling situations incorrectly I will tell a higher up staff member and hopefully they can talk to them. If it's for a personal reason which will never happen ill keep it to myself as personal reasons should never get in the way and if they do it will show I am a bad staff member but they won't and I will never have any personal reasons to hate or dislike another staff member.


Anything else: wgswrp

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Got promoted to scout

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Extremely active and competent guy. I have no doubt he will make a great staff member.

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High Playtime
Detailed application

Good luck!

19 minutes ago, TommyK195 said:


Good and detailed application


Dedicated to his rank and the server

Should get a chance at staff imo

How can you say it is a good and detailed application if you haven't even taken 2 minutes to look at it lmao.

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1 minute ago, Krowly said:

How can you say it is a good and detailed application if you haven't even taken 2 minutes to look at it lmao.

Because hopefully I have the ability to read things? 

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3 minutes ago, Krowly said:

Reading 1400 words and writing a reply in 2 minutes?

Yep, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned the application itself.

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Big +1

Extremely trustworthy, active and competent. Also around evening and at night time usually to take claims. Would be invaluable to the staff team.

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FAT +1

High playtime

Very mature

A lot of experience


Good Application

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11 minutes ago, Jeka said:


what else have I got to say? Really deserves staff atm. 

I agree what all is already said. So make him staff.

What he said

Helps with mingy CTs late night

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Very active, not sure if this guy plays other games? But that's good because you NEED to sacrifice your life to WG.

Very competent, mature and is respected by all the people near him.

Very high playtime

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+1 hope he can balance staff and carrying GM at the same time

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And a bunch of other shit no one cares about...

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+1 He is mature and is more than competent for staff.

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deserves it

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