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In Game Name: 212th ARC LT COL Wanted

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:20093025

Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server: No

In-game rank (VIP and 501st SGT): PlatVIP and 212th ARC LT COL

Have you got experience in staffing RP servers: Yes

Age: 16

Playtime: 13w 1d 15h.

Predicted time on server per week: 35 or more

Warns/bans: 0 Warns/bans

Do you use a microphone: I have been using it more

What do you aim to achieve in our staff team: My main goal would be to help other people even staff members, I would also try to improve my staffing skills and learn more things with other Staff members. I would also try to make new friends and get a better relation so people dont hate me.

Why do you stand out among other candidates: I have experience of being staff, I know some ULX commands, I would also stand out because im friendly (I would never disrespect anyone) and im always ready to help.

Why should we pick you to staff our server(200 words) : U should pick me for staff because im active, I want to help people, I would never abuse my staff powers, I will be on duty as much as I can and of course I would listen to higher ups. I have been part of this community for a very long time, I also have been staff once on swrp. I am friendly and I would never disrespect any member or any fellow staff members. If im on LOA I can still be active in discord and help anyone if they have any questions. I also can be strict when needed and I know how to have patience with minges, I will always try my best to fulfill my job as a Staff Member. With experience from the past I know alot of ULX Commands and learned more about being a better Staff, I will take Staff very serious and not minge around with other players. Before making a final decision in a sit I will listen to both sides of the story. I have seen multiple staff sits so I do know how to handle them. I love helping players no matter what situation it is, I will always listen to them and not just simply ignore.

Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed: Yes, I do.

If a trooper didn’t salute to you, what do you do as a staff member: Nothing because saluting is a IC thing and as a staff member I should not act, but, if I was playing as a higher clone rank I would ask him if he is missing something, if he says no I would just say to him to remember to always salute higher ranks.

You haven’t done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this: First I would explain why I haven´t done my duties then I would try to work hard and improve what I haven´t done.

You don’t like a staff member, how do you handle this: First I will try to keep distance from him, trying not to talk to him or getting both of us in trouble, then if its impossible to ignore him I would speak to Staff Hierarchy and inform them of whats going on.

Anything else: wgswrp

Best regards,


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not the highest predicted play time

is ARC so is competent

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+1 / neutral
Wanted youre a great guy but you should try and use the microphone a bit more. 

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On 10/11/2020 at 7:28 AM, Silent said:


Predicted playtime is 5 hours a day. I disagree with Aleks. I think that's very good. 

You have played on server for ages

Pretty active

However rarely use mic

what this guy said, tbh wanted if you got staff i would be happy unlike most of the other people applying

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Been around for a while now, active, previous ulx experience, got arc (god bless questions) and trustworthy. The only negative thing I can think of is the lack of mic use, but recently he has been speaking more so I doubt he'll avoid using it in staff situations. 


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As blaster has already touched on, he doesnt really use his mic, aside from the odd time.

On another note, Wanted is overall a great guy, very friendly and has recently got ARC showing his dedication (after weeks of trying).



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Pretty cool guy, competent and active. As stated before, I doubt he will not use a mic when in a staffing situation as that would just be puting himself at a disadvantage.

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