Himmler's Site Director whitelist application

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In Game Name: Heinpoor Himmler

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:98525620

Age: 16

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:

O5-9 "The Secret Keeper", HoEA, Commander of E-11 and Nu-7, Nu-7 CO, part of two different Ethics Committees, A-1 Agent. Those are all the WLed ones at least. I have also played SD.

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:

I feel like I would be a good SD due to my past experiences as  combative leaders and non-combative leaders. This has given me plenty of experience that I can use on my other leading positions, which then count on my current experience pile. Also due to my experiences as O5 and HoEA that are site administration positions have given me plenty of experiences generally for site administration.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?:

Site Director or as many call him/her SD. Has multiple jobs while on site. 1st The SD is the manager of a site, his job is to manage and supervise that the site is doing well and that everything is going according to Foundation rules and regulations. 2nd To call out major problems and organize people according to what is happening on the site, this includes knowing what is happening on the site and deploy some people to handle it accordingly like telling E-11 and B-7 that there is a breach or telling security of intruders etc. etc. 3rd To be the face of the site, this really doesn't have anything to do with the SDs job as external affairs are handled by external affairs agents and heads and actually the representatives of the Foundation are O5 council members but as far as internally go many people see SDs as the face of the site they manage they manage it and hopefully would look up to them.

What is the O5 Council?:

The O5 Council is the council that oversee and handle the most biggest things within the Foundation like: what to do during an XK-scenario or granting permissions for termination tests of SCPs, negotiating with government heads etc.. They are also the Most powerful people to most of the people working at the Foundation as most don't know about the administrator if he even exists that is. Lowest clearances don't even know of the Council as they are extremely small and secretive. The Council Vote on the most important things with 12 members O5-1 chooses an O5-13 as a tie braker for tie votes (O5-13 has no official power outside meetings but can have a massive impact on the Foundation due to their vote). There is so much that can be said about the council so these are the most important things they do I beleave.

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Whitelists: Previus: All Nu-7, Head Of External Affairs, O5-8, Beta-1 "Cauterziers" Riot Unit and Sentinel Unit, ECMx2, O5-9 "The Secret Keeper", Nu-7 Commander, CI Delta, HoEA, Alpha-1, Omega-1, ???, Maxwellist Acolyte, E-11 Commander, Site Director, ISD, HoMD and  MC&D Salesman.


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Well he has allot of  experience and if he have had all of those whitelist he must have been pritty competent. Id say the reason why he would be a good SD is a bit meh seing that it really just says I have experience but othere then that the app looks good



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Good Feedback, App is okay (I felt as though you stretched out some parts.) But, you have good amount of past Experience, and I believe you can handle the position as a Site Director.

Contact me on Discord (Johnwickisblak#2445) and we can start!



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