Melo Samue

Melo Samue's O5 Application

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Your in-Game Name: 

Melo Samue

Your SteamID:


Your Age:


Your In-Game Playtime:

5 weeks and 1 day

Your Warns:


Rate Your RP Skills:


What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?:

O5-8 "The Terse" (can be changed if needed)

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?:

Yes, I understand the rules.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I believe I should be part of the O5 Council because I'm a very experienced player on the server especially when it comes to Site Administration, these claims can be proved by the fact that I've been a Head of External Affairs twice and also that I'm the current Vice-Chairman of the Ethics Committee, not only that but until now I've been in a lot of different Whitelisted Groups and each of them gave me a little experience in different areas such as Combat and PassiveRP, not only that but recently I became part of the server's Staff Team which shows that I'm well known on the server and that I'm trustworthy and mature enough to hold this position.

As I said previously me being part of the Ethics Committee and Head of External Affairs gave me a lot of experience on dealing with internal matters such as commanding MTFs and dealing with Site Directors or Site Advisors that were acting unprofessional and putting the whole Site at risk, I've also had my experiences with dealing with the local Government or GoI as a Head of External Affairs.

Also I was an Agent in MTF Alpha-1 twice before it became unWhitelisted, while I was on the job I had the chance of seeing different O5 Council Members approaching different situations in different ways, these times gave me a better understanding on what O5 Council Members do and how they should act while on-site.

My experiences being it bad or good certainly teached me how to improve next time and as such I'm already familiarized with situations that require quick thinking and me making the important decisions. Personnally I have a way of thinking which is "The ends justify the means", I act in ways that guarantee that the Foundation and the World as we know it will leave as unharmed as possible.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?:

The O5 Council manages the Foundation as a whole, they are the ones who manage military operations and the fundings for different Departments, the O5 Council are the ones to appoint the Site Directors and they also have the power to demote them, actually if any of the Site Administration are found to be unable or unwillingly to perform their jobs any O5 has the power to demote and replace them, O5s are people with access to every file in the Foundation because of their Clearance level 5.

An O5 Council Member usually when on Site keeps his presence hidden except from the Site Administration and controls everything from the shadows trough the SD, the reason for that is due to their value, not only because of their title but because a death or capture of one of those 13 Members could be fatal for the Foundation as not only they could leak important information but because it's hard to replace an O5 Council Member, that's why most of the time they are accompanied by their personal MTF Alpha-1 Agents to protect them and are not allowed to come into contact with any anomalous entity.


What is the O5 Council?:

The O5 Council is a group of 13 individuals who lead the SCP Foundation, they have acess to everything that happens within their Sites around the world. Some of them have anomalous abilities and sometimes very peculiar personalities, usually they come from somewhere within the Foundation but sometimes they can be brought in from outside, except the mysterious "The Administrator" they are the most powerful individuals in the organization.


Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?:

Yes, currently I'm the VIce-Chairman (Manager) of the Ethics Committee.

What Departement would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...):

Ethics as it's the Department I'm most familiar with and the one I prefer the most.

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- Holds a high Site Administration position 

- Haven't seen any recent large issues.




- Haven't seen you do anything notable

- Don't know how you'll act as an O5, specifically as The Terse as she's a hard one to role-play as without just being a dickhead, so we'll see. 



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1 hour ago, Johnwickisblak said:

- Don't know how you'll act as an O5, specifically as The Terse as she's a hard one to role-play as without just being a dickhead, so we'll see. 

My first choice was O5-12 "The Physician" but since Hannibal choosed -12 aswell I had to change, also RPing like a dickhead seems an interesting experience

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