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In game Name: Brandon Viper

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:432500005

List of warns:

FailRP for performing a /me to kill self(I was really angry in the situation and it was late at night which wasn't helping me)
[Ban] Propminge (Borat gave me this one which was because in a situation I got into he assumed I was gonna prop kill people around me as well as myself but I was doing it as a joke in the same situation before he arrived)

RDM (killed someone without knowing in game they were foundation) Killed a ??? who was an MTF that I didn't know about.

Pac3 abuse (I was showing off on surface to people some pacs and I removed the pac but for some reason it didn't go away and I got warned after)

Metagame-RDM(Doesn't have context all I know is this was early in my time and I didn't know about insurgency infiltrator)


Metagame (idk about this one sadly)

FearRP (Early in my time on the server involving cuffs which I didn't know about)

Propminge (Was messing around before a Nu-7 CMDR tryouts pre-WL and propkilled myself)

Any previous or current staff experience:
I was a Head Admin on Omni Games which was basically this server but people ONLY wanted to kill each other and I did my job somewhat well. I was a Trial Event Coordinator on AU which is kind of cringe I know but before I left the server I was a pretty ok EC on it. Nothing much other then I know all the rules which everyone says and know what I can and cannot do.

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): Because I spend as much time as I am allowed on this server and have dedicated 2 almost 3 weeks to the server coming in and out(I would have higher but I don't really live on the server unlike some people) I am able to be active whenever I can/need to. I know a lot about SCP lore as well as knowing about the small intricate stories of some of the most well know series 1 SCPs like 682 and 035. I also at times am very creative with my thoughts as with SCP there are basically infinite possibilities on where you can really take an event as it can range from a smol civilians gaining SCPs abilities to the coming of the Scarlett King. I have always had ideas for events but I most of the time don't really know how I would please the server as there are the O5 mains who live for passive RP and negotiations and there are the Nu-7 COs who some how in some way are able to kill 15 people who are raiding single handedly and live for life or death situations but now that I've been on the server for a while I know about the server's general mentality as well as the way certain job classes prefer to do thing and how I can give them it in events.

Your event plan:





To those who listen and even to those who don't always remember

The Dream Never Ends





Begin recording of log from CPT Dust of MTF Omnicron-Rho AKA "The Dream Team"

After a short expedition into the dream world, we encountered a strange phenomenon that appeared to be a, as cheese as this sounds, a tear in the fabric in reality. I and my 6 operatives relayed this information to Base-A and informed them that we would be exploring said tear. One I and the rest of the squad had surveyed our gear and equipment we all proceeded into the tear and upon exiting the tear we appeared to be in a world of color so to say. We were just floating in place without any way of moving and while we were in place we observed the area we were in. It was a world of different colors as I stated that changed so very often between the colors of the rainbow and even some colors that I cannot begin to describe. Then as we were looking around our eyes centered on an orb of sorts that was flashing yellow. This along with hello was one of the last things we heard before we were thrust out.

End log


It begins with a being called "Forthes Tempest" with the job tag "The Great Dreamer"(not cthulu dw) appearing and talking on comms for a bit lementing about his long nap and how things have changed in his favorite little dimension. He will then appear as the Suit_#A suit(The trench coat one) in EZ big room after which he will inquire about the organizations that have taken hold of the paranormal world after his absence(I'm hoping to find an O5 that specializes in consulting with paranormal entities to help get their character popular as well as helping solidify my character as a sort of important figure). He will remanice about his past and what he was before to all who are present and will grant people gifts depending on their beliefs towards him(IE worshiping him) and those who do will recieve a touch of his body and be transformed into sentinals of the dream who will defend him. He will then explain that he has come to this dimension after his awakening due to it seemingly having the worst aura he has seen. Going on about how tretcherous people are killing for no reason, back stabbing others, and performing rituals for their own self gain. He then wishes to speak with one of their higher up personnel in order to explain to them what he wants. He would ask them about who they are exactly and what they desire to accomplish. He would after all of that determine what he would want to do be it sever his ties with them and leave to aid another faction or to create an alliance with them in order to protect the beings of this world so that he may not feel so much grief from them as he normally does. He would then tell them that because of this alliance that he would be granting them a power of the dream. The power he possess is to bring dreams into reality and he has no limit to what he can do(he can't effect elder gods of any kind with his powers or those protected by them). He will then propose a sort of tournament of sorts. Anyone can enter for a chance to join him as his head Knight of dreams and be by his side. 

The event would end after that and he would stay around until his dream knights either left or swapped jobs. 







???-Depends on the character






With my warns as well as my seeming a bit underwhelming I'd understand if I don't get accepted but I do hope that I do get accepted as it will allow me to be more active and more invested in this community then I already am as I would be creating events for others to enjoy and build off of.

I'll any critiques/advice about myself or my app would be appreciated as it would help me grow and change so if I do get denied or accepted  I will be able to change to your liking or change my ways to not be like it.

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To clarify on my event, it is a mix of combat and passive RP. I didn't want to make an event favored to 1 side of the server as I know that there is a massive difference between people the categories of combat heavy nu-7 chad and  the passive RP oriented O5 character who wants to establish a sort of peace on site and RP with others(Except joshy who went to surface as -13 once and got cuffed after being told by GOC to leave the roof of PD because an anomalous event was happening and after we cuffed him he came back saying who has his comms then proceeded to kill the 4 goc in orange suits while he was in god mode and killed some civis for some reason while saying "who has my comms" repeatedly in a low monotone voice). This event will be a combination event that is both passive and combat RP oriented to allow for both sides of the community to enjoy something fresh and new. The event description is brief because most of the time player input changes an event drastically and most of the time(stuff involving willow) they don't always go to plan. A set script for an event is ok but it has to be a general layout of an event not you controlling everything as if you did you would drive both yourself and the players crazy on keeping the event strict. As stated before I want to provide players with something new or something slightly different for my first event so that they playerbase will see that I am someone who can bring something new and not cringe to the table for the event team and enable more exciting events that get players to be more invested in the server as a whole. 

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