Head of External Affairs Overview and Application Form

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Overview of Head of External Affairs:


The Head of External Affairs is a Security Clearance 4 job deployed to every major Foundation Site in order to command over and manage the local Department of External Affairs Branch. As a Head of External Affairs you will need to confidently command and communicate with the Field Agents and your DoEAAs (Department of External Affairs Agents) in order to gather intelligence and interact with Groups of Interest in Ovis, prepare misinformation campaigns for the civilian population so that you can contribute in keeping the Veil of Secrecy, interrogate Persons of Interest when possible and potentially reintroduce them into the Foundation as Sigma-66 or Omega-12, plan raids and other MTF operations on the surface where possible and work closely and rigidly with the O5 Council occasionally to lead the Foundation through combat.. On the server the Head of External Affairs Job and the lore-based Intelligence Agency are combined, creating one big department with 4 main branches: 

- Administrative and Operations Bureau

- Desinformation Bureau

- Inteligence Bureau

- Recruitment Bureau.


It is your job to maintain these Bureaus, use effective task delegation to have others assist you when necessary and ensure that the Site is safe from external threat. 


When the opportunity arises, you may recruit surrendered Group of Interest forces into the Foundation to MTF Sigma-66 with the included Nanite Inserter. This forces permanent FearRP onto the captured member as you can detonate the collar at any time and kill them for disobedience. (Since the last template, Joshy has coded it so that we can detonate one member at a time, I believe.)  


The Job Rules:


1. No Combat Converting - rushing someone with the Nanite SWEP to convert them into Sigma-66/Omega-12. The person should be in cuffs before inserting the explosive.

2. Max 2 Omega-12 and 3 Sigma-66 units on Site. If you want to get rid of someone do it quietly and one my one. Pressing the detonation button will kill every O-12/S-66 unit.

3. You report to the O5 Council, but the SD has authority over you, this means his word is final, although if you feel like it was unjust or the SD just does not know what he is talking about, feel free to call O-1/ECM or try to reason with him.

4. You have no power to command any On-Site unit. This includes Mobile Task Forces. As long as they are stationed in the Site, you should inform the SD about any plans or raids before taking command of the MTFs. You may also get urgent Council approval if necessary, or contact Director Stoker.

5. You are not a combat job. When you order a MTF to do a raid, leave the tactics to them, let them plan the operation beforehand. Do not go on the surface just to observe what is going on and how the raid is going.

6. Limit going to the surface as much as you can. You are a member of the Site Administration. Yes you deal with External Affairs, but you are still a CL4 personnel with Administration comms. Do not risk your life for no reason.

7. When you get a hold of the anomaly, notify the R&DD first. Do not immediatly convert them to Omega-12.


The New Application:

When you have submitted this form, I will review it and find your Discord ID which you should leave in the right response. If you succeed, you will get an invite to the Administrative Discord and will need the HoEA role. If you fail, I will tell you why and give you a time before you can reapply. Good luck!!

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