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Buff the scar-H

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First off 
the stats:

Now its a 7.62 rifle with 27 damage, thats the same damage as the M1911 a 45. ACP pistol, its less than any other assault rifle, mainly the rifles that have extended magazine options.(pic below)

Now I personally believe it should be buffed, take a look at the M14 its not op and very similar to the scar-H but with higher damage, the only thing that needs changing is the damage which should be buffed to somewhere between 30 to 35, this will depend on the firerate.

The last response was and i quote: 

"It isn't the best gun but not every gun on the server needs to be a God tier weapon that shits on everyone. Don't know why people complain about there being too much combat whilst wanting every gun to be OP."

It will not make it a god tier weapon and if you look at almost any fps game you can see that every gun is viable in one way or another, they can all kill(you can even say they are all OP or god tier, thats how gun balancing works every gun is viable but also has a destinct disadvantage and advantage, ie smgs good at close range but bad at range, Snipers very powerful but slow), the scar-H isn't viable right now, it just needs a damage buff.

It's simple and relatively easy to do, if SMT decides to accept this and wants to discuss this my DMs are open Lukas Martello#1915

Edit: for reference the damage on the M14, which is a similar weapon, is 36(base damage)

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47 minutes ago, Plague said:

If you think the Scar-H is bad, you should take a look at PDR's stats.

shush, the PDR is barely used, doesnt it also have increased mags?


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4 hours ago, Bread said:

Use a different gun

What if I want to use the Scar H but I can't because it does the same damage as a litteral pistol


4 hours ago, Bread said:

you don't need to buff a gun just because "bad stats"

In this case yes, it's a rifle it doesn't make sense, I want more options other than AR15 or G36C (the usual ones I see around)

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