CG Frezze stick

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What your suggestion is:  CG Frezze stick

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: I dont know what it is called correctly, but my suggestion about is that make a stunstick type, that will freeze your target, will be mostly used against people that is trying to get metal handcuffed, and then they are just being all mingie, and then we have to use our stun gun to get them in a T-rex pose so they can't move but most people know how to glitch out of it, so maybe it will be more useful to have a stunstick that freeze the person for 3-5 sec, wich should be enough to get metal handcuffed...


P.S I have only seeing this method on other servers and other youtubers that have placed different servers with that function, so im not 100% what its called, but come with your opinions 

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my question is has CG Hierarchy approved of their entire regiments weapon being changed

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