SCP-RP Un-Official Player Guide.

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Hello peeps, some of you may know in the past I've suggested to make a player guide for new players so they can figure out how to play the server rather than them being absolutely clueless and it got denied, so I have volunteered and made this document for both new and old players to read about, it is mostly general knowledge for old players, but it's useful for the new ones.

If you ever manage to find a player who doesn't know what to do, make sure to slap them with this.
As always hope you enjoy!

This doc will get updated every major update or when a GOI, rule etc. get added.

Petition to also push this further into becoming an official guide and making it an auto message that pops up on the server.


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Hello peeps, haven't posted here for a while.
Been having this weird glitch where it says I've been "permabanned" and discord invites don't work!!!! That's pretty weiiiiiiiiiiiird!
Now I need a nice candidate to be useful and start updating this on my behalf till I find fix for glitch!!!!! 
If you're interested, do pm me.
- Qas#2557 (Discord)

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Welperoo time to keep this up to date, so here are the list of changes and additions to the guide:

- Added rule 1.2.4
- Added Shock Operative Description
- Removed GOC and Added Sarkics and UIU
- Added Nu-7 Specialization Jobs & Descriptions
- Added A-1 CMDR to Additional MTF's and Agents.
- Some minor tweaks and updates.

If I missed something then feel free to let me know so I can add it in at Adlactor#8139.

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Made the doc a bit easier to read 
Added the Chain of Command image

To-do list:
Add in an image of the surface (if you have it I'd appreciate if you send it over 😉 )

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Added rule 1.5.6 (Stripping a players comms when they are cuffed without knowing why, then running away is counted as FailRP.)
Removed ISD & replaced/removed mentions of them.
Added CSB.
Added an image of the Surface.

To-do List:

Major Foundation locations & Zones.

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Added rule 1.5.7 (1.5.7: Having more than 1 base on surface is considered megabasing/FailRP.)
Added rule 1.3.5 & 1.3.6
Added Anderson Robotics
Added Major Foundation Locations, entrances, etc.

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3 hours ago, Kaneki Frost said:

Mate this is going to help so many new players.

Very useful, cheers. ❤️

Make it Official as in server popup like ad's so it's actually useful yes yes thanks

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