"The Fall Of Ovis"

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Four score and eleven years ago our fathers brought forth on this land, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

This portion of the battlefield is where a great man, only one year past, laid down his life for this nation. The normal course of our lives has become steeped in death. Engaged as we are in the great civil war, we lay down our lives in the defense of the propositions of our fathers. That equality and freedom has begat strife and discord is a cause for despair, but the land under our feet is proof that we must stand steadfastly beside those principles.

This land flourishes. It receives the sun and yields up the fruits of the earth. Only one year past the greatest loss this nation has ever known, the land grows. I do not say this to diminish the memory of those that fought here. Great men consecrated this land with blood that will call out to us until eternity falls and we await god's judgement. Yet their loss did not destroy this land. It did not render unto us the fruits of that violence. Like our fathers before us, those who lost their lives here gave their fullest devotion to the principles of freedom.

It is in their names that we must devote ourselves fully to the preservation of those principles. We must bring forth on this land a new birth of freedom. We must come together with our brothers and ensure that the proposition of our fathers does not pass forever from this land.

~Abraham Lincoln

Oh have you heard the glorious news, is the cry from every mouth,
Ovis City is taken, and the rebels put to rout;
And Juan's the renegade, he ran to save his bacon—
When he saw S-IT Dream's “Yanks,” and “Ovis is taken!”

With a whack, rowdy-dow,
A phantasm boy is S-IT Dream,
Whack, rowdy-dow,
Invincible is he!

This hurly-burly insurgency, they once did loudly boast,
That the footsteps of a Union man, should ne’er pollute their City Wall's.
They’d fight the Yankees two to one, who only fought for booty,
But when the “Zero's” came along it was “Legs, do your duty!”

With a whack, rowdy-dow,
Ovis is fallen,
Whack, rowdy-dow,
The end is drawing near!

And from the “Sacred City,” this valiant warlike throng;
Skedaddled in confusion, although Ten thousand oddities strong—
Without a Sharp release, without a blow, or least sign of resistance,
And leaving their poor friends behind, with the “Yankees” for assistance!

With a whack, rowdy-dow,
How are you, hurly-burly insurgency?
Whack, rowdy-dow,
Your race is nearly run!

And again o’er Ovis Spring's battered walls, the Stars and Stripes do fly,

While the insurgency of Twenty-one in the “Last ditch” lie;—
With the Ghost of Sherman, Grant and Porter too, to lead our men to glory,

We’ll squash poor Juan’s insurgency, and then get “Hunk ydory!”

With a whack, rowdy-dow,
How are you, neutral Vincent Robert ?
Whack, rowdy-dow,
We’ll settle next with you!

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3 hours ago, MI13.net said:

This hurly-burly insurgency, they once did loudly boast,

Dictators, oppressors they always think they managed to destroy the rebellion, insurgency or freedomfighters they oppress but they are always wrong, the Insurgency will rise again and again, like a phoenix until the end of times

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