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Name:Bango True

What country are you from?:Germany

How well do you speak and understand English?:I speak English fluently.


In-Game name(s):Bango True, The Birdwatcher, Staff Sergeant Bango true.


Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 3w2d

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: i am PlatVIP

Do you have a microphone?:Yes

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?:Yes

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum):
I think you should pick me because I have had a lot of experience on the server and have interacted a lot with the other players on the server. Aside from that, I want to genuinely improve other people's experience on the server and help other people out, be it getting RDMd or just being stuck in a prop or a wall. I have been very active before,im pretty active now too as i have great activity and performance on HoEA which is now frozen to this granted by serrt due to great performance and handling GOC relations. I also have been acting serious and climbing the ranked ladder in the Nu7 regiment, i also have good performance and activity there, i have also been granted the serpents hand whitelist and have already learned multiple new spells due to working on my TSH character, I showed dedication to the server by training many recruits as a Drill instructor for the entire day and taking off the work from COs who had trained all day. I also think that being given a leadership role such as commander and having climbed the ranks up until the rework to Major and then to NCO 1st Sergeant have also shown I don't minge and I take rp seriously. I have found many friends on the server so I think I have not negatively impacted people on the server and I think I don't have a bad reputation. I know all the ULX commands because I use them when playing with my friends on private servers. I believe I can be very unbiased too so when dealing with someone I don't particularly like or dislike I can still give a fair punishment. I also have a relatively long time on the server, I have spent 90 percent of my gmod time on werwolf. I am and have been whitelisted for many jobs (096, HoEA,MCND salesman, TSH, Nu7Commander(pre rework), Nu7NCO+Enlisted+Scout after rework. I have also been doing very serious rp in the last two weeks since i got my TSH whitelist pre rework and have played as the birdwatcher and have partaken in a small event and partaken in a large event as HoEA as an important role.

How long will you be able to play per day?: i can be on for at least 3-4 hours a day, on weekends i can get in 4-5 or the entire day as well if i have nothing else planned, which is often.

Any past experience as staff?:I have had past experience as staff on discord but i havent been a moderator on any garry's mod server yet.I would like to have my first experience to be on this server though as its the server i play most and care most about.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.):
1 ban (which was revoked by howling rex one day after because it was a false ban)
warns:7 (note: these are very old, partly from when i was playing security in V5)
Stunstick abuse
RDM x1 (shooting unarmed harrow-23 as CI Infiltrator)
Duping grenades,PME, Mass FailRP, Fail Raid, Fake RP Group
FearRP  (accidental)
(note again that these are old and i have learnt from my mistakes, i have not gotten any warns in the past months)

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No:

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):
SCP-RP is based on the SCP foundation.The Foundation secures anomalies with the goal of preventing them to falling into the hands of civillian or rival agencies (Groups of Interests), through extensive observation and surveillance and by acting to intercept such anomalies at the earliest opportunity. The Foundation also contains anomalies with the goal of preventing their influence or effects from spreading by either relocating, conceiling or neutralizing such anomalies or by suppressing or preventing public knowledge of such an anomaly.The Foundation protects humanity from the effects of such anomalies as well as the anomalies themselves until such a time that they are either fully understood or new theories of science can be devised based on their properties and behaviour.The Foundation may also neutralize or destroy anomalies as an option of last resort if  they are too dangerous to be contained.This concludes the SCP part of which SCP-RP is based. SCP-RP wishes to replicate this universe by giving the player many jobs to choose from ranging from a simple civillian to a member of the O5 Council. The location in which you play is called OvisCity, in this place there are numerous shops, a club, a church, a pd, sewers, a PD , apartments and of course Site-19 in which the main RP takes place. Here you fulfill what your job description tells you to do or what you can figure out from asking other players or simply playing the job. Engineers for example go around the site fixing technical problems gaining xp and money while they do it  , it is a great way to level up for newer players. You have to act as if you were actually the person you are roleplaying as, if you were an O5 for example, you wouldnt jump around and screech at people. That would be FailRP and Micspamming. What its really about is simulating the feeling of a real foundation site and a real city which has many groups of interest and people to interact with.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:
I fully understand the SCP-RP rules.The Most important ones which come up the most are as follows
-RDM: Killing a person for no valid reason.
-ARDM: Accidentally killing a person for no valid reason.
-MRDM: Killing more than four people for no valid reason.
-Propkill: Killing a person with a prop
-Mass Propkilling: Killing more than four people with a prop
-Propminge: Spawning unneccesary props.
-FailRP:Ruining RP by doing things you wouldnt do in real life (Examples:using the elevator when cuffed,closing doors when cuffed, jumping in the acid pit, purposefully jumping to your death)
-MicSpam:Using your microphone to annoy other players by playing loud music, screaming into it, breathing loudly into it etc.
-LTARP: Leaving the server to avoid a roleplay situation.
-LTAP: Leaving the server to avoid punishment from a staff member.
-Bodyblocking: Blocking a path fully to prevent people from passing you .
-Propblock: Blocking off an area or doorway with a prop
-propfly: Using a prop to propell yourself through the sky, using a prop to fly.
-Breaking NLR: You may not remember things from your past life or use information from your past life to help you or others.
-Metagame: Metagaming is using information gained through OOC actions (Discord communication, looking at scoreboard, knowing what CI uniform looks like because you checked F4 menu)


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