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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:   Stackiii

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan): 74th SMO Stack

Teamspeak Name: Stack

Playtime on the Server: 3w 2d

SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:449876057

Any experience in staffing: No 
Current Age: 18

Warns/Bans: 0 Warns/Bans

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:  Yes

Event Plan:  Last Stand

Map: Anaxes


Enemies, HP, Amount:
Bounty Hunters, 1500 HP, 8 of them with Unlimited Lives  
Bounty Hunter  Leader, 1500 HP, 1 of them with Unlimited Lives

Force Sensitive Jawa, 75k-150k HP depending on how many Jedi there are, One Life
Temple Guard (If none online), Base HP, 1 of them with One Life

Passive, HP, Amount: Moderate
The Passive side for the Clone Event,
Bounty Hunters who have been hired by a Scientist well funded by the CIS to attack Main Base are looking for better pay so initially will enter base to negotiate with whoever is leading the event for unreasonable demands such as Millions of credits, Tanks, RPG's etc and will fail. This will move from the passive start to the combat.

The Bounty Hunter Leader will lead negotiations.

The passive side for the Jedi Event,
I will have the Jawa (who is working with the Bounty Hunters) enter the Jedi Temple and wait to begin speaking to the Jedi about receiving lots of equipment such as a hologram, Valuable ship such as a A-Wing and a powerful lightsaber. The Jawa will communicate to the Jedi through the Temple Guard translating what he is saying. After a likely unsuccessful negotiations it will move to the combat. 

The combat side for the Jedi Event,
Once negotiations are over the Jawa will do his best to force leap into JT and desperate for anything will enter library and advert stealing a book with Jedi surrounding him in the Library he will fight the Jedi there with any Jedi who dies turning also into Infected from the blue smoke the Jawa has released. 
If the Jawa dies then the Jedi can then go to MB and potentially engage infected if the base is overrun.

Republic's Execution:

The Whole Army will be on high alert once they are aware of their presence so whoever is leading the event will decide to do either of these:

- The entire army to be present at negotiations  up close near MG inside base
- The Event leader to negotiate with the EC's only with maybe other Batt and RC and the rest of the army on barricades inside MHB probably excluding GC who are up on the Mountain

Depending on which they decide EC spawns will be  around TR3 or VDC or on the left and right just outside MHB where frontlines will fight them.

Frontlines will end up on the barricades inside MHB using their entire force power stopping the push by the EC's. 

From there it can go down two different paths:

- EC's push through MHB forcing army to retreat to outside Medbay area. EC's will target going to the GR and get in with the army in Armoury and Medbay area struggling to hold them off.

- EC's unable to push the army back and will 'retreat and push through LHB' From there, with most the clones likely in MHB with some outside LHB they will be overrun with only CE in the GR trying to stop them getting in. 

Either way the EC's will get into GR and frontlines will push into GR until there is no EC's left in GR but with the lights out due to the GR being blown up and blue smoke in GR.

Clones will be spread out around the GR, Armoury, Outside medbay area and MHB when infected start pushing into base from MHB

They will all go to MHB and try to hold the infected back while 74th work on a cure.

If  74th cannot make a cure and die then the base will eventually be overrun  with Infected and Jedi will have to help the clones with infected until all the infected die.

If 74th make a cure and it is distributed via bacta gas then the clones, all spread around base or at MHB holding them off will kill off all the infected and have successfully defended the base.

Event Character Execution:

Bounty Hunter Leader will advert to Main Base they would like to enter the main gate to talk to whoever is leading.

After a likely brief negotiation with whoever is leading the Bounty Hunters will open-fire on clones and have there target being the Generator Room ordered by the Scientist.

The EC's will have there spawn around the outside of the MHB or TR3/VDC where they are trying to push into armoury to the GR.

If they cant push into GR from there,  the spawn will change to the open LHB where they will rush and get inside GR with the Bounty Hunters getting Repeating Blasters and the leader also getting a RPG to help.

Once inside the GR they will advert they blew up the GR and the lights will go off and at that point they will be One Life as Bounty Hunters trying to hold GR

 Once they die they will be changed to Infected from the blue smoke the scientist got them to deploy in GR (they didnt know it would turn them into infected)

Once all of them are dead they will be changed to Infected and spawn outside MHB where they just have to kill clones and for them to become infected

 74th will take a sample and begin cure development while the Infected are attacking clones. If they complete cure development and release it through bacta gas then all infected will become one life. However if they dont and Infected overrun MB then Jedi will have to help clear out Infected.

Once all Infected are gone clones will head to MHB for a debrief and map switch on LAAT's


Event Information:
I based this event from a mixture of different events and believe it accommodates both Jedi and Clone with hopefully a fun good quality event with a good amount of Passive RP at the beginning and combat afterwards to make the event interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:

Do you understand the responseabilties a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:  
- A Event planners responsibilities are to create a event enjoyable for everyone where everyone involved feels happy with his/her job in creating the event.
- Create a Fresh Original experience for the community each event so for example the CT 4 Numbers stay and help grow the community
- Act Responsibly and Mature like a Staff member
- Help out with staff claims if no staff
- Dont get lazy and create a negative experience for the community
- Be creative and open to new ideas

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: 

Anything else?:
I hope you bring me onto your EP team as I want to contribute more to this great community.

W-G E-Planner
Thanks for reading my application.

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With the event team being full, we unfortunately didn't think you would be the best candidate for the last spot. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again

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