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Hi, i have lil problem cuz 

it was D-class pushing by entrance of light i said go back, go back and i klled like 5 d's then admin comes to me said : im getting warned and after that permaban me 

Server you got banned from: # 1 SCP-RP

Your name in-game:  Jacob Spark

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:228338807

Admins' name that banned you: i dont know

Admin's steamID: i dont know 

Why did you get banned?: "MassRDM"


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Because i warned D's few times they were doing nothing...
And really i like this server, liek theres not to much Scp-Rp servers.
so yeah sorry...

Anything else?: nop



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yo remember did i say many times go back go back and they were standing there
and i didnt know admin not gonna permaban me, shouldn't he warn me first ?


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Its not like they work on some guidelines or anything at this point. Its their judgement they rely on, and they dont take witnesses as evidence to avoid bias. What else did you expect to happen? Unless you got evidence that you warned them (in this case only video evidence would suffice), you would easily be able to get that unban.

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Constantly bumping your appeal i see. At that rate you wont get unbanned anytime soon.

And i forgot to mention. If you "really like this server", why break the rules?

My -1 still stands at this point. Just stay banned.

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Hello @alo!

Since I'm the one who unfortunately banned you, I'll give you my reason as to why I banned you from the server.

It was to my understanding you killed the Class-Ds in the block without warning in text chat or voice chat by a few users. I checked logs for chat transcripts showing a warning of any type from you (as I was using your STEAMID to filter chat at the time) but nothing came up. I confronted the one who called the case and they said that you hadn't said anything in text or voice. 

The whole problem with these cases is that sometimes people say they gave a warning when there was nothing audible/visible to the ones who died in the scenario but something could have happened to make this not happen. (Poor connection to the server, incorrect input, etc etc.)

With all of that, you can see why it looked just a little odd and seemed like it was just another MRDM incident. You did seem like a pretty reasonable person so I thought it was tad off, however looks can be a bit off-putting. 

As of now, I am willing to see you through and have you unbanned as this may very well have been an error with connection, input or just a VERY big misunderstanding on both ends.

My apologies and I wish you a good day! 


Viktor Svetsken

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Ok, thank you im not going to let that happen again

And i think im kinda late but i might gave you wrong steamID, SteamID: 76561198416943343
But if you have found my account on steam thats ok 

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