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Server you got banned from:SCP server

Your name in-game: anfieldheroryan

Your SteamID: 76561198889875087

Admins' name that banned you: Forgot

Admin's steamID: forgot

Why did you get banned?: I was banned for trolling and abusing prop

Evidence(Un-necessary): None

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I deserve to because there are no other good servers and I would like to come back and play on the server because I really enjoy it.

Anything else?: No

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8 minutes ago, anfieldheroryan said:

what can I do to be unbanned.


At this point? Considering you were doing nothing but breaking the rules? Nothing. 

The damage was done. You just expect us to +1 your appeal because you "want to return to the server cause others are shit". That is no excuse and you know it very well.

Thats why its now safe to say, that you do NOT belong here.


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1 minute ago, anfieldheroryan said:

I might make a alt



Do you have any idea what youre saying? if you make an alt, youll get permabanned. Youre just saying that youre going to break the rules again legit. And rules also mention no using alts to avoid bans.

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18 hours ago, anfieldheroryan said:

What could I do to get unbanned as I will not abuse or troll again just to play the server for fun.

If by "Fun" you mean messing around on the server again, then all i can say is:

Congratulations. You've dug your own grave.

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