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Mile's Site Director Application

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In Game Name: Mile Kevas

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31814162

Age: 21

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:   During my 3 weeks game time (which is in reality about 2 months) I have played from the lowest ranking to bigger ones. First High Ranking job (if you could call it like that) would be Head of Security. I would say I was doing a decent job, however there were always people that would not listen, usually I got the demoted or just tell them that the next time they do not listen to me, they might have some problems.
Since then the only other High Ranking jobs are Head of Manufacturing Department with whom I usually have 2 people under me. The only other High Ranking job I played would be Site Adviser. I would say that during my Site Adviser times I actually did a good job, without overstepping my power.  I tried to keep the site working without problems, and usually I managed to do so. Only time shit was out of control was during some events where having everything under control is not an option.

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I believe I would be a good Site Director since I intend to work together with the other Foundation Administration Personnel to keep the site safe and in top shape. I would ensure that everybody is doing their job, while also not turning the whole site against me. I would not go for unrealistic RP situations and I would not go against my superior's orders.
These being said and the fact that I hardly see any Site Directors, I am positive that I am a good candidate for the Site Director position.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?: The Site Director's main role is to manage how the site is operating. He is to work together with the Head of each Department and MTF Commanders to ensure that each department has no problems and there aren't any breaches or raids. He can make many tough calls if needed, since he is the 2nd highest authority on site. Only people above him are the O5's. The Site Director has the important job of reporting directly to the O5s any issues or problems on site.

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is composed of 13 directors which are known as the site Overseers or O5's. They are the highest ranking and the most important persons inside the Foundation, being granted the highest Clearance Level. Each one of them have a designated number from 1 to 13 and each one is overseeing a certain department on site. However they like to keep their presence and existence secret. Because of this Clearance 1 and Clearance 2 Personnel do not even know about them. Clearance 3 and above know that O5's exist, but they do not know who those are.
O5's are controlling the site through connections with the SD.

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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

The application is good enough. Not much else to say about it. Sorry for the delayed response but personal life got in the way.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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