NOOO!!!! YOU CAN'T JUST FEED ME FALSE INFORMATION!!!!! - - Hehehe misinformation go ########

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███: I have no fucking clue.

Director G: You have a Level 5 Keycard, what do you mean you can’t get access?

███: Exactly. But Eve tells me it’s too dangerous to see what’s on the other side.

Director G: Does she mean it’s dangerous to you because of your high ranking? That would be my best guess.

███: Maybe, I would get Gamma-1 to check it out and make sure anything relating to the Council won’t be leaked.

Director G: Does the anomaly even have a SCP designation yet?

███: No. Not needed.



Well, this is a problem.

Turns out, this anomaly is more dangerous than we thought.

MTF Gamma-1 were useless in terms of “containment.”

Sorry… “Recontainment.”

It’s like a memetic disease.

The magical brain waves travel through person to person spreading information, even misinformation!

Why do you think O5-9 was demoted?

The conversation got to Eve and she made a vote to kick him off!

Quite funny if you ask me.

His entire plan was for nothing at all.

But what was that anomaly? It’s me! 

I’m this anomaly they were talking about, aren’t I special? An O5 wanted to know about me? It’s great.

I’m an object, with an effect.

What type of object? Who knows.




Intruder Alert!

Report of a Hazmat unit wearing white gasmask, duffle bag, and helmet has been confirmed hostile towards the SCP Foundation. If you have a visual on the suspect, contact your closest Security Office.


>Yeah fuck off.


Error. Unknown Command.


>God I hate our software.


Error. Unknown Command.


>msg: Security Office


What would you like to send them?

>Ignore any announcement about the Hazmat, it’s that misinformation shit. 


Sent the message “Ignore any announcement about the Hazmat, it’s that misinformation shit.” to Security Office.




Error. Unknown Command.




Shutting down your computer...


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