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SCP 096

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RP Name: Jason Adems or George Onnor


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:123211546


Playtime Required [ Must be 4 days or Above] 

1 Week 10 Hours 27Mins (when I last checked)

In-Game Warnings [reasons and amount. type !warns in-game to find, must have fewer than 20 warnings. (exceptions can be made)]: 

0 Warns

Have you read the rules of SCP-RP, and do you understand them?: 

Yes I've read thoroughly and understand the rules.

Have you read the rules of SCP-096, and do you understand what you can and cannot do? Demonstrate your understanding* 

Yes I understand the rules as I've read then thoroughly, as an example being unable to use my level 5 key card to get out of my containment chamber, as that would clearly demonstrate a lack of responsibility if I was to do so. This would be a good test of my judgement, as playing as 096 would mean I would have to judge sincerely whether or not I'm justified in killing a player and not have it break any rules. As 096 I would also need to adhere to the rules by also showing no bias towards any friends that may or may not be playing on the server with me, showing that I'm willing to obey the rules. 

Are you able to play SCP-096 often when the job is not full, and give good RP to other players who encounter you?: 

Yes, I quite often play Able and roleplay my own interpretation (within reason) quite often, trying my best to be involved and get others involved when given the chance. 

What is the Containment Procedure for SCP-096?*(Explain in full detail) 

In the even that 096's containment chamber has malfunctioned, all  non-essential personnel (anyone who is not CS or E-11) would be taken out of the room without looking at 096's face.


Once everyone is evacuated,  CS and E-11 would take action in dealing with SCP 096, approaching the room with their backs turned, and walking in backwards until they hit an obstacle.


Once they've found SCP 096, they must proceed with caution as to not make any mistakes and worsen the situation.


They would next get an object capable of covering SCP 096's head and possibly blind him if needed to do so, if and when it is ready and secure they then use red elastic cuffs to drag 096 back to his CC while also being careful for threat such as CI as they may attempt to reinitialise the breach in an RP situation.

Note: Only CS and E-11 or any GOI can cuff 096, however any personnel member of level 3 clearance can bag him.


During research, a Class D looks at your face and manages to escape the Containment Chamber, he runs towards the Entrance Zone. What is your course of action while chasing 096-1, and what do you do once you have killed them?*: 

As the Class-D makes his way towards the Entrance Zone (assuming that no one looked at my face as well) I'd give chase to the D-Class focusing on no others as long as my face isn't seen, once I've reached the Class-D and have killed him, I am to remain in that spot where he died and sit down and either wait to be re-contained or kill any others that may have looked at my face.

While chasing 096-1, you pass a researcher, Class D and a MTF unit who all look at your face accidentally. Once you kill the current 096-1, you go back and find them, then proceeding to kill them also. Is this good RP and why?*: 

I would consider this good RP as SCP 096 within lore and by what I can tell of the rules, even if it was an accidental viewing you still saw his face, SCP 096 cannot make any exceptions, putting it simply the moment they saw my face is the moment they had to kiss each other goodbye.

If SCP-096 bag had come off or if some Escapee Class d ran past and grabbed it, as E-11 or CS would you chase the class d or proceed on to recontain SCP-096?* 

Assuming that multiple people are escorting me back to my CC I would assume that one or more MTF member would deal with the rogue Class-D taking away my quarry so I'd say more often then not I'd proceed on to re-contain, unless of course I'm given no other choice (examples being security are dead and they were the only ones to see my face.)

A GOI has managed to enter the facility, and they open your Containment Chamber to cuff you and take you out of the facility, one of them looks at your face but tells you it was an accident, and you can just ignore it. What should you do? Why?*: 

I would have to kill them regardless, it would show a lack of understanding for the rules if I was to  allow them to live just because they said it was an accident, GOI or not they would have to die because they saw my face, all should be fair when encountering 096. 

Anything else you may need to tell people reading this application: 

None, other than the fact I hope to be whitelisted and prove I am trustworthy of this role.

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I should also note this isn't my first account, I have a PlatinumVIP but I have lost my previous account, if I find it again and it is required then I'll use that one.



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George Onnor
Please contact a member of staff or myself in-game to receive your SCP-096 whitelist.
Ensure you show them a screenshot of this post or link it.
Should you reclaim your other account, please contact me so I can transfer the whitelist. You'll be one of the ones I watch closely.

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