W-G james big scprp

unban reaquest

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server i got banned from: scprp

steamid: idk

staff that banned you: lorex krato

staffs: steam id: idk

why you deserve to be unbanned: I would like to bring atention that mrdm is 4+ mine was rdm 3 wich begs the question why perma it wasn't mrdm I enjoy the server i read the rules and i honestly would like it to be lowered to a day or a week 

anything else: the server is fun I'm just asking for 1 more chance

i respect the decision 

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James this is the third unban appeal you made over a short period , just listen to what lorex told you and wait a couple of months then come back and appeal again , spamming this section doesn't look good for the people that decide if you get unbanned or not.

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