Commander Kruger

Krugers mtf E-11 commander app

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Name:  Commander Kruger

Forum Name: Commander kruger i believe

Current Gametime: 44 hours

SteamID: auto_tune_guy1

How many warns/bans have you had?(Screenshot of warns) None

Have you read all of the SCP server rules if not Link is YES here:

IN GAME SECTION(Word Count required has to be 100 words or more for each question) 


Can you explain what MTF-E11 is? Mtf epsilon 11 designation nine tailed fox, protect the facility and stop any non keter or radiocative class scps within the facility, rescuing survivors and terminating class d rogues. a group of specially armed forces, each providing a specific function, such as the flamer. They are the primary force within the facility. composed of 9 members with body armor similar to riot armor, a ballistic helmet with gas mask and carry an FN P-90 featuring an acog scope.

In full detail can you tell us what E-11 is specifically tasked with in SCP? protecting survivors of breaches, recointaining and pushing back escaped or hostile scps. Seperated into three groups on the same channel designed to pincer around a threat. capturing and surrounding an escaped scp or a mass breach, puling out survivors and using neccesary force againt rebelling d class prisoners. consisting of a commander and units such as a flame unit to handle dfferent classes ad specificatons of scps, they altogether create an almost unstoppable force that is capable or capturing and holding off many types of scp within the facility. Some of the highest trained soldiers in the facility and are the primary force above security forcewithin the facility.

Explain some examples of how to recontain any of the SCPs currently on the server? Using the cage to deal with 173, torches and backup on the stairs, some can be reasoned with such as 999 and 2295, flashbangs or smoke can be used to gain distance from able and the same cage technique can be used on the hungry man and the burnt man/ rotting man. others such as the hostile teddy 1048 can be blocked or led into a man made trap. You also have the harpoon and the fire extiungisher for the burning man, weapon fire and a good second set of eyes can be the most useful tool against 173. but eyeline is the worst tool against the shy guy (096) and instead keeping weapons focused but gaze averted will be the best bet.

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