Kinqu Kyle

Well i guess that's all i got from this server.

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Server you got banned from: ofcourse SCP RP.

Your name in-game: Kinqu Kyle 

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:191185039

Admins' name that banned you: Viktor

Admin's steamID: STEAM_0:1:242419537

Why did you get banned?:Mass RDM on D class apparently.

Evidence(Un-necessary): I dont have any evidence because of how poorly my laptop treats OBS and how buggy it is. I will tell the story of... well  what happend, i was getting some researcher a D class after the D class riot so i searched for any weapons too in D block, i walked into the D block cafeteria and saw Viktor so i cuffed him with conteinment cuffs (i choose him for memes also because literally every d class was running away) after i did that some D class with a failrp name ( something like vwsswwwhww) came up to me and started releasing viktor so i gave him 2 warns and then shot him, he ran back to me after 2 seconds because i was in his spawn and started releasing him again i gave him 1 warn this time and shot him he 3rd time spawned and started releasing him so i warned him one last time, i shoot him but i crossfired into viktor and another D class but fortunatly i didint kill him, Seb walks up to me and i place a radio and we just chill and vibe to the radio, the guy i  killed multiple times walked up to me and says "just dont RDM me anymore" and i just ignored him, then walks up to me the d class i didnt kill but crossfired and asks me 2 times to be shot after the 2nd one i shot him with a glock and proceeded to vibe with seb.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Because the ban was based on D classes accusations and this was not a "mass RDM"  but some retard breaking NLR and getting me banned for it.

Anything else?: Its really sad to see that the staff doesnt even care about Perma banning people, viktor just said, "Kyle why did u MRDM in D block?" on OOC chat i said i diidnt ? then i made 2 sits to wich Milo i think replied and i said i need Viktor but he was apparently afk probably checking logs, then i see on OOC "kyle you know  rules are rules buddy" and i proceed to get banned.


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Right look, since I banned you I have to give my input on this.

To my knowledge and to the judgement of evidence via logs (and quite literally laying down on my bed, within viewing range of my monitor), you had 3 incidents where the victim was standing completely still (One being me) and you shot them blatantly when they were doing nothing. I recall being cuffed but I don't recall being broken out.

I know it sucks to be banned permanently but we have rules set out for a reason. If the Class-D was running back to the scene of the crime to do the exact same thing, you call staff since the person is breaking N.L.R. This could have been sorted also by you cuffing the person that was running at you constantly. Another way, simply leaving the area. 

I also cannot stress it enough that we specifically have a rule that states for players to not take matters in to their own hands. If a player has a problem and someone is breaking rules, you are to call staff and let them handle it as it is their job.

At the time of this banning incident, I also saw no other staff take your sits calling my name (could have been an error on my end, who knows) given at the time, I saw no other staff on besides myself and Norra.

My job on the server being the duty of enforcing the rules set in place, I had to conclude this ordeal with the verdict that now stands. Others have expressed their concern to your history over the last couple months. These can be as followed: Wasting Staff time, Mingery (be it props or with other players), Lying to staff, etc etc. There's a bit. I won't waste much more time for either of us.

Long story short, what I saw from where I was and from what I could conclude based on evidence, history and people's findings, I banned you. I can't really say much else. Sorry it had to happen but my duty on the server is to enforce the rules, not to let others break them for their entertainment. 

Best of luck.

- Viktor

Viktor Svetsken

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Ok, as much as i like you and we get on, Kyle. You've fucked up this time

If i can see some evidence against this, I'm forced to leave a -1

Viktor is a very skilled staff member and I have to take his side rather than yours. 

i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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Yeah I was with Kinqu when this happened and I don't think a perma right for this , at least to my eyes what he did was in line with the rules of the server , he warned dclass that were releasing viktor not to and when they didn't stop he killed them , this has been done a thousand times before and it's just how it works in dblock, the dude kept coming back to release him , kinqu would do the warning then shoot ,

In this situation do you even call an admin? Aren't dclass allowed to just come back and re-release the prisoner after death , nrl doesn't apply to them after all.

Now the dclass was between viktor and kinqu and once he shot him down viktor was caught in the crossfire  , honestly this stuff happens and kinqu didn't intend to kill you then .

For the dclass that asked to be killed , depending on the situation that can be a bad or just unimportant , I've given consent to be killed for the memes or for the sake of RP plenty of times and I don't think a dclass asking to be killed and spawn in the same place he was killed should be considered a severce offense.

At the end of the day Kinqu wasn't going down Dblock masskilling any dclass he saw, every dclass that I saw (with the exeption of viktor which was a missfire) was either a regular kill after warning or literally a guy asking to be shot.

+1 I was there and I don't think he broke rules.

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As shown by evidence Viktor provided, these kills were of people just standing still.  Taking matters into your own hands is specifically against the rules.  You knowingly broke them, as you are not a newer player.

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I have already ban for this and I have to say that   everyone can get a second chance . But I think ,  like someon up before that this reason of ban its inccorectly but ok....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               +1


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This is the guy that asked to be shot, if you checked the logs he said multiple times "shoot me"




Here on these to Screenshots it shows the guy crouching next to you and releasing you, i wasnt gonna let him uncuff you was i? so i shot him after warnings you can see them in logs.


On this Screenshot it shows i started a fight with Jack Hudson that i did not kill because i hurt him in a crossfire, this was the same guy that later asked to be shot, i was shooting the guy behind him that was releasing you, you can even see the guy on the 1st screenshot who was releasing you, you were standing behind  Jack Hudson.

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10 hours ago, Viktor Svetsken said:

NLR applies to Class-D, however the area being D-block (It's a very small portion of the map), NLR is instantly "removed" but doesn't exempt the user from NLR.

my point is , you can get killed for releasing a dclass  , come back and attempt to release him again without breaking the rules , is this a situation where we should call admins?

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Just now, Mephisto Clarke said:

even though he can be mingy and all that he still knows the rules and hes not retarded enough to start MRDMing dclass
permabanning him because 1 autistic guy kept coming back and getting killed is kinda overkill IMO 

Kyle's Fuck Buddy

i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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46 minutes ago, Max Livio said:


don't think kinqu would mass rdm, i see him online every single fucking day its like he has no life

judging from viktors screenshots, it definitely looked like u were massrdming, but if what you said is true then your ban could possibly be removed/reduced

Thats kinda true i dont have a life because of Covid, and yeah i was on every single day for past 2 months.

Also i hope that my ban could at least be reduced if it would be possible.

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2 minutes ago, Dim0n 😐 said:

I dont understand why you retards are trying to defend this toxic piece of shit. Kinqu should be fucking honored that he lasted this long on the server with the kind of attitude he had throughout, honestly  keeping him banned out of spite is the best choice, maybe he can finally learn that calling everyone a retard or screaming in OOC about how shit at the game they are won't get him anywhere.    :^)

Trying to make a point out of someone else being toxic whilst being more toxic in a single post, doesn't really work out that great.

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