I got banned for no apperent reson

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Server you got banned from:
SCP roleplay
Your name in-game:
Mike Kozavki
Your SteamID:
Admins' name that banned you:

Dont know it he just came and banned me in a second
Admin's steamID:
Dont know it he just came and banned me in a second
Why did you get banned?:
There is nothink stated but the admin said why did you uncuff yourself
Geting baned 5 min from joining the server
Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:
Becouse there wasnt no reson to be banned at all
Anything else?:

I was a junior resercher and the guard came up to me and cuffed me for no reson I called an admin and unhancuffed myself and he banned me in a second I didnt even get to see his name


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I found the admins name
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From what I've read you broke FearRP (by breaking out while under gunpoint), altough unless you broke it constantly or either did other things that were also against the rules, if not I dont see why you were straight up banned instead of just warned

Neutral for now, I want to hear the history from the Admin's side

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I was there during the time and I cuffed you since you wouldn't show me your ID in EZ Armory, and the reason as to why you were cuffed is that we were locking down EZ Armory since one of my cams were blocked by a funni CI inside, you refused to show your ID and were subsequently cuffed and when we took you back you kept on breaking out even when you had 3 guns pointed on you, I am not certain what happened after you broke out but Lorex tried to stop you before you whooshed.

I don't think a ban is warranted unless you kept on being a monke afterwards

Also for future reference your id is:

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17 minutes ago, Erazem13 said:

Ok I didnt know that nell I was just now intruduced to this type of rp also I didnt just get banned I got perma baned that bothers me becouse I like the game


Make sure to read the rules whenever you join a server lel
here's a guide made by a fellow yahudi which will help you if you get unbanned: WG SCP-RP Un-Official PG - Google Docs

and a perma? ooof I wish you luck getting unbanned 

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I mean new player breaking a rule that not all servers use and getting perma for a first offence is a bit much, he seems genuenly sorry about it and it's not like he went around and MRDM'd , if you don't want to complitely remove the ban atleast reduce it from perma cause that just doesn't make sense 

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Immediately banning a new player for breaking a rule that not every server uses is quite overkill, just saying.

But then again. FearRP is sort of still a serious offence, but that is only in the case when someone keeps constantly breaking it.

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So, I'm the staff member who banned you; I responded to a sit yesterday from someone saying that you were breaking FearRP by breaking out of cuffs whilst at gunpoint. I witnessed you do this again and so I said via voice chat "why are you breaking out of cuffs" as you said and then I explained that you shouldn't break out of cuffs whilst under gunpoint because this breaks the idea of FearRP. 

I then stayed around as all I heard when I tp'd over to EZ cells was incoherent shouting so I assumed you didn't understand English and so I typed to stop breaking out of the cuffs also. Once you broke out again, I warned you for "Breaking FearRP - breaking out of cuffs whilst under gunpoint". Again, you showed no response to the fact you were warned by myself in voice, regular chat and also by warn.

You kept ignoring myself and the 3 players that were pointing guns at you and proceeding to break out of cuffs another two times so I warned you for "Breaking FearRP - breaking out of cuffs whilst under gunpoint for the 4th time". At the same time, you were jumping and doing that thing were the elastic cord is extending as you tried to escape the jail cell so I considered this consistent minging and not actually being there to RP.


Apologies for the shit photo quality but I had warned you twice within 4 minutes just for make you aware of what you were doing because you were not responding at all to any inputs from anyone.

After the second warn, you broke out of cuffs another 5 times, still under gunpoint and you were beginning to cause issues with the surrounding area and breaking RP of various other players; not to mention other players wouldn't have been able to hear others with you shouting incoherently:


All of this considered, I determined you were not here to RP properly and were intent on ruining the RP of those around you. Also, you're not a relatively new player since you already passed the level 15 benchmark and should have an understanding of how to RP properly since playing as Class D makes you understand what it's like to be in cuffs 24/7 anyway.

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First of all I just used the machine to get to level 15 and was talking to my friend on viber and dint have headpones on I taught you were afk becouse I was saying hello admin look at this I am a resercher and they cuffed me  for no reson I looked in the chat most of the time and you were warning diego whitch is to my knowlege not me soo I taught you were in another sit then out of nowhere it just said perma ban

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The server detected that you tried to bypass your ban, this happens when you try to join the server with an Alt Account while being banned [The exact ways it detects it are not fully known]

In that case your Ban gets updated to a permament ban, and it is essentially impossible to unban you [maybe if the account which it thinks is your alt is also unbanned it might be possible ]


This is from your ban Details

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24 minutes ago, Erazem13 said:

what huh my alt I have one account that I use



Oh who am i kidding. its easy to detect who uses alts. youve dug your grave already, you wont be unbanned after this. EVER.


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