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The option for storage boxes (Possibly dispensed via Manufacturing Personnel) would make carrying large amounts of extra ammo and gear significantly easier and more convenient for others to carry.
If this does end up getting implemented, it'd be a good idea to have the box "preserve" the items inside it, so Ammo that's inside doesn't despawn like it usually does when its produced by the Crafting Bench.

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Actually I meant as a certain entity that you could potentially store other objects inside, say putting half a dozen gas masks into a box, this would be useful for distributing certain utilities across the facility, and delivering it to other areas, and if you needed something out of it, say, some ammunition, you could take it out.

Obviously it would still be a good idea to have the things despawn after some time of being out of the box as to prevent it from being used to bypass the despawn timer that prevents manufacturing personnel from creating such an absurd number of small ammo kits that it makes the 64 bit integer limit seem small.

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Neutral on this one.

Seems a good idea on paper but I'm not sure how hard it is to code something like this, let alone if it's really needed. 

The only way I can see this actually being used is, as you said, for Manufacturing Personnel to organise/ store ammuntion. Maybe it could also be used by Nu7 for extended missions on the surface, however since everyone is rolling around in money, they can just buy ammo from the surface as well. 

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I don't think it will happen;

Sounds like a lot of coding

Sounds like there are multiple things with this that can be abused, (Infinitely drop armor, masks, ammo. Infinity store armor,mask,ammo)

Doubt SMT in its current state will accept anything for a while due to the planned rework .

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I'm aware it would be a lot of coding, that's why its unlikely that this will happen.

I just find it sort of annoying when you make a supply of a few ammo crate only for them to despawn after like 2 minutes (as Manufacturing Personnel).

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This all sounds a bit too confusing imo, you can put ammo in a smaller container you can spawn?

What's the limit of amount of ammo , it's kinda unrealistick to have 15 gasmask in a backpack or even ammo crate sized object , also the reason why props despawn is to avoid them lagging up the server , how is that any different than box entities that don't despawn.

Who should be allowed to spawn such item and exactly how will it be used in game , Imagine nu-7 being able to not only turn on rdc and use extremely unbalanced MT dupes but also have the ability to put gasmask in an instant making any attempt at entering facility futile.

You could just have a manufacturing department near MT and have him make ammo crates and stuff.

On surface the nu7 CO can deliver airdrops in case they need ammo so that makes it pretty useless up there.


-1 just feels uneccesary , combat oriented suggestion eh

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