Josh Nixon's Site Director Application

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In Game Name: Josh Nixon

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63557864

Age: 15

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:

I've had minor experiences as a leading role, from now to then I was a Non-Commisioned Officer on NZRP  and was once the second highest rank in a custom group there but, thats like 2 years ago and had some leading experiences combined with strategic and communication decisions on other games (Hell Let Loose/Wolfpack) I don't want to advertise these games so I wont add something about them. I have played Site Director before the addition of the whitelist system for the job, I only played it for gaining experience and I probably was quite infamous. 

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: 

I've played here several times, and from now to then I even played as site director (before the whitelist systgem was introduced). I try very hard to have a working hierarchical organized structure of task distribution, based very much on a communicative behavior with the site administration and, as I said before, a thorough distribution of tasks so that everyone is busy and the site adivisers regularly report things to me on the comms. I may never have been the most popular Site Director as I only played as one for a short time and rarely but maybe I could prove myself now. I have the ability to be very calm and not be pushed around but I also need more time to make decisions as I tend to stress myself with decision making mistakes which I might depend on getting used to, I am almost always online and enjoy being there as a site director, I may not have the constant need to play as a site director as I still have a lot to learn but I will definitely learn from other site directors as I have done the last few days and hopefully do my job more than satisfying.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?:

The Site Director is the highest ranking person on site and therefore has the highest authority (of course he is still under the 05 Council). Of course as the highest ranking person he is also responsible for all his actions and is also responsible that the research and SCP's are not disturbed by harassment or publication of these facts through attempts of attack, all high level departments must respond directly to the Site Director. He only awnsers to the 05-Council.

What is the O5 Council?:

The 05 Council is a gathering of people who act as overseers and high level people in the Foundation. They have unlimited freedom of opportunity and knowledge in which to operate in the Foundation, giving them the unique Clearance 5 area of unlimited freedom throughout the Foundation. This Council is responsible for the ongoing operation of sites around the world and has the responsibility to overlook them, all of these Council members are so highly classified that their names are unknown only under the strictest of restrictions and they are labeled only with the names from 05-1 to 05-13.

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🔱Josh Nixon🔱
Director Nixon<

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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

While your SD and O5 sections could have been more detailed I am still willing to see if you are up to the task. Also it's O5 not 05.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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