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Improved forest rishi moon (a lot better)

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What your suggestion is: A new better forested rishi moon

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: This map is more optimized then the previous one we used. It dosnt have useless room like the last ( E.g. Secret doors, Batt bunks being massive, big building behind bunks). It has better textures, more things to do (New sim areas), Better scouting, better base attacks(More areas to come from/ sneak into), no vents to get slaughted in, More training rooms, Improved jedi caves, Unwanted props can be removed ( e.g. Unwanted bushes, buildings, towers, Trees).It is also a hell of lot smoother to run then the previous one .Here a link to view the map

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-1 Not well optimized just a shit re-skin


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The map is literally a resize of the one that was removed by Harland for FPS Issues. File size isn't the best. The optimization isn't the best which will lead to low FPS in areas. Most likely will causes people to crash or for it to be unplayable for people with shit Computers.

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too laggy

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